"Washington apartment"

Translation:워싱턴 아파트

October 21, 2017

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Apartment has the translation of just apart?


아파트, apateu (I apologise if the romanji is incorrect, duolingo did nothing to help me know how most vowels are actually romanised when there's more than one letter in it), is actally a loan word from Japanese, is what I've read in other comments sections.

The Japanese word for apartment is アパート (apaato), which I think was where it was the loan word from English.

But, I may be wrong! That's just what I've heard others say. Feel free to tell me otherwise!


Since we are translating phonetic English shouldn't 와싱턴 be okay as well?

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    No. They are teaching you loanwords, which are known as Konglish - English words borowed into Korean. For example, the word "doughnut" was directly borrowed into Korean, and it is spelled as 도넛, which reflects the pronunciation, not the spelling.

    As we pronounce the first syllable of Washington as "wo" not "wa", in Korean is is not 싱턴, but rather 싱턴.


    I think these are set spellings, even for loan words. Like we say 'baguette' and you couldnt spell it as 'bagget' or 'bagwet' or whatever, even though it sounds the same or very similar. Still a learner so not sure though :)


    I'm never going to get used to the difference between o and oe sounds. Whenever I come back to this question I always spell Washington wrong. I always write it 위싱톤.


    when you get apartment and ice cream mixed up... o.o


    I forgot to type apartment


    The problem is that its not korean at all what do we say in korean that's in english


    I think it's flunking me for not using the korean keyboard I don't have.


    you can use the word bank


    Users can install the Korean keyboard on at least Windows and Mac


    Why not 워싱톤 as well?


    워 잇 턴 아 파 트


    You forgot the (싱) instead of (잇) that you wrote

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