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  5. "Matěj is that woman's son."

"Matěj is that woman's son."

Translation:Matěj je syn té ženy.

October 21, 2017



Is the word order in Czech fixed, or permutations like in other Slavic languages are acceptable? Case in point, is "Matěj je te ženu syn" correct?


"Matěj je té ženY syn" is correct. Sounds a little bit poetic but it's fine.


I've tried "Matej je té ženy syn" but it is not accepted, is it ok?


I added "Matěj je té ženy syn." It is marginal, but I can accept what Nemesis said. If we put "té ženy syn" in the subject (Té ženy syn tady není.), it goes from poetically marginal to cringe-inducing.

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