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Not learning well with the app

So I started learning french on the PC web version. Everyday I learned new words and once I was done with a lesson I remembered the words. Then I started using mobile. Mobile doesn't require you to remember words. Half of the questions are multiple choise questions, that show pictures. There is no challenge in that. An also big part of questions have you create a scentence with words that are already there. There is also no challenge in this.

I think you should add more exercises where you just translate scentences form french > english or english > french without any of the words being given, like on PC. Because you need to actually know the words to complete lessons it would make people learn better.

October 21, 2017



And the app doesn't have tips & notes, which to me is one of the worst things about it. It requires you to do stuff without understanding at all what you are doing, which doesn't help with learning...


Yeah, I am not a huge fan of the mobile. I agree with you about the question composition. I also think the hearts are an impediment too.

I mean one thing I think to have the people who are superficially learning a language and like the easy-dopamine based response from getting answers writing and feeling like they accomplish something, and the people who want to learn with different question compositions, is to add a toggable feature like with audio that could adjust what is the question composition.

Duolingo can maintain its easy appeal—for SOME courses— and breadth, and some more challenging questions can be achieved.

However, I would say, I don't see the limits of Duolingo's language building capacity to be primarily based on the question composition. There are routes to get around it doing the reverse course, laddering, and utilizing other resources.

I have noticed some language organizational things I find questionable, I think when the tree runs out, going over it more has an exponential decay, and I think talking at that point is a good way to bridge the meta-lynguistic knowledge one can gain from Duolingo to tangible language use.

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a special interaction feature for individuals who complete the tree? Like say they could be paired with someone who had completed the tree from the other direction, in some type of part of the app. I think that would be cool, and a big incentive to complete the tree. And I am trying to come up with ideas that aren't way out there, and could fit within Duolingo's future development.

If I knew there was a feature based on completing a tree, I like that idea a lot.


Ratio between translation directions when strengthening skills is not good in my opinion: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24799102


I up-voted.

I guess the mobile apps are directed more to kiddies, therefore you even have to press the check/continue button for longer sentence (11 to 12 words), where the solution is already shown on screen, or the first 3-5 words are shown for the beginning of the sentence.

Tapping is IMHO not that bad for learning NEW (complicated) grammar skills (Mondly even uses it on the web) for your 1st try in the "beginner level mode" - it may actually help to fight through a very NEW skill.
Memrise also provides grammar tapping courses.
But to strengthen and repeat the skills WITH typing (to learn how to use the conjugations and tenses), you NEED to use the full website.

If you really want to learn vocabulary, you need to learn it outside of DuoLingo with 3rd party flashcard systems, e.g Memrise, AnkiSRS, FlashCards Deluxe, SuperMemo, etc.: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24893272$comment_id=24894026


In the Firefox browser, you can use www.duolingo.com on a phone/tablet, if you have a rather good Wifi or LTE/4G with an internet bundle.

I use the Firefox browser ......

  • in "mobile mode" for the lessons
  • in "desktop mode" for the other features
    (On iPhones with a small screen, "desktop mode" is not possible in any browser)


"On iPhones with a small screen, "desktop mode" is not possible in any browser" It used to be on the old website, but now you have no chance to access tips & otes on your phone, which is a shame - it takes away so much from the whole learning experience.


That's is caused by (old versions of) iPhone. Android phones with a 5 inch screen are doing well.

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