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"You must get off at this station."

Translation:V této stanici musíte vystoupit.

October 21, 2017



Jedu-li tramvají, vystupuji na stanici. Jedu-li vlakem, vystupuji ve stanici. Domnívám se, že oba tvary jsou přípustné.


"Na tomto nádraží musíš vystoupit." is accepted.


Musíte vystoupit na této stanici is not accepted


Indeed. The corpus supports both prepositions so I have added "na stanici" everywhere where we already had "na zastávce".

This should also answer all other similar questions and remarks I have deleted to remove clutter.


Do not buses and streetcars have only "bus stops", "tram stops" or "stops" ?


Not sure this is what you're asking, but translations using zastávce also are accepted for EN to CZ; only "station" is accepted for CZ to EN.


'Musíte vystoupit v tomhle nádraží' was rejected. However, reading through the discussion thread I see that '"Na tomto nádraží musíš vystoupit" (Dalibor Novy) and both prepositions 'v' and 'na' are accepted (VladaFu), so why not my version?


We can only say "na (...) nádraží" / "na (...) stanici" / "v ... stanici" / "ve stanici".

"tomhle" is fine in Czech but I'm not sure if "tomhle" (nádraží) and "téhle" (stanici/zastávce) are not missing for some combinations.

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