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Turn off notifications when people add you as a friend.

Is there some way to turn off notifications in the little bell at the upper right of the site? I don't really care at all when someone adds me as a friend and it just clutters up things i care about such as posts in discussions i am following.

October 21, 2017



I wish they would turn back on notifications for replies to posts. Since they have also turned off auto-following discussions one posts in, it is very easy to forget to follow them manually, and I find I am missing lots of replies.
Also, Duolingo, please could you make all notifications unlimited and searchable/scrollable. Every other forum on the internet seems to be able to manage this, so I cannot believe that it is technically infeasible.


Same here. Randoms people keep adding me as a friend and it's kinda annoying


I know, right? Even worse is when a random person you have never met says ''Can I follow you?''


Unfortunately, no. Sorry!


You can turn them off in the notifications in the settings in your profile.

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