"Eu mă înțeleg ușor cu pilotul."

Translation:I get along easily with the pilot.

October 21, 2017

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Very poor English translation option here. Should be "I get along easily with the pilot".


Or possibly, "I understand the pilot easily".


This is the translation of "Eu îl înțeleg ușor pe pilot" which is slightly different.


Yea... I think this course needs a rework, because a lot of sentences feel unnaturally.


I can't comment on the quality of the translation, but I think "easily" is awkward and sounds unnatural in English in this context, even if I can get what it means. I can't imagine a native speaker, at least in the U.S., saying this.


For everyone:
"I get along well with the pilot" = "Eu mă înțeleg bine cu pilotul"
"I easily understand the pilot" = "Eu îl înțeleg ușor pe pilot"
When the verb "a înțelege" is reflexive, it means "to get along", not "to understand".


So, the same as any other romance language. How many times do we have to report this sentence before someone fixes it?


Heads up: Some of these sentences in this middle section are struggling to be English. I think they need a proofreader with English as their first language who is fluent in Romanian. (Not it).


What? "El se înțelege bine cu mama mea." is " he gets along well with my mom", but "Eu mă înțeleg ușor cu pilotul." is "I understand easily the pilot?"

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