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Hiragana bug while strengthening skill

I was asked to choose the Japanese word for "back" from a set of options, but no correct answer was provided so I had to cancel the session.

By the way, the Hiragana course is not very good, it's almost impossible to learn it without external help, which makes it pretty much useless. The characters should be at least grouped together by their consonant, so for example ma-mi-mu-me-mo should be learned together, mixing them randomly as it is now unnecessarily increases difficulty.

October 21, 2017

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I am curious as to why you think they need to be grouped together to learn them. I know that's traditionally how it's done, but I am not sure what benefit there is.

There is a tiny cards Hiragana course provided by Duolingo, so it's not like they don't offer an extra resource to help. I actually found their method quite refreshing compared to the previous ways I've studied Japanese.

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