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"Je pátek pátý nebo šestý den týdne?"

Translation:Is Friday the fifth or the sixth day of the week?

October 21, 2017



This did not accept "Is Friday the fifth or sixth day of the week" even though that sounds right to me. Does that seem like a colloquialism to anybody?


I agree. "The fifth or sixth" without the second "the" is how I'd naturally say it and since the Czech "the" is implied I'd think both should be accepted answers.


I agree, the second "the" is redundant; i.e. correct but not necessary.


To include the second "the" seems hypercorrect to me, not what is most commonly heard or used.


I'm going to disagree here and say that, at least in American English, the correct thing is to say "the fifth or the sixth."


Again, I would say that it is hypercorrect. Actual usage will show that the second "the" is often elided and is accepted as proper.


And wht is the answer? When does a week begin? Sunday or Monday? Here in Europe it's Monday, therefore Friday is the fifth day. But how is it in other countries? In Greek the names of the days derive from a system, where the first day is Sunday. Therefore the name for Monday means "second day" and so on. Πέμπτη (pémpti), literally the fifth day, is Thursday! Very confusing! Because I know Greek very well I translated pátek wrongly with Thursday.

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