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What happened to the message system?

Hello! Recently I've been looking for the message system on Duolingo, but I can't find it. I'm not entirely sure it existed though because the only memory I have of it is that I replied to a random message some months ago.

Does anyone know what happened to it. Has it disappeared or is it hard to find or something? Or do I have false memories? I don't think I have because I remember it clearly, but you never know.

October 21, 2017



I really miss it. They have said that they plan to replace it with something better. I hope they do soon. It really added to the sense of community on Duolingo and I miss being able to post comments on my friends' threads.


the Activity tab was removed last Spring, not likely to return

see this post for more about related changes



It's gone. Please check the forums before spamming the forum with one of the most common questions asked ever since activity's removal.

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