"Tmavě zelená je hezká barva."

Translation:Dark green is a nice color.

October 21, 2017

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Why not tmavá instead of tmavě? Should be an adjective (green) here instead of an adverb, since I am modifying a noun and not a verb, right? Thanks for your help!


You are modyfing an adjective (zelený) or a noun that is derived from an adjective and also behaves that way "zelená (barva)".

However, tmavá zelená is not completely impossible and would be used to distinguish several different green colours we have. Tmavě zelená just means the dark green colour, the name for the colour. Tmavá zelená is the dark green while the other green we have is světlá zelená or something.


"Tmavé zelená..." was accepted without pointing out the typo (é->ě). Why is it acceptable?


Possibly because The Powers That Be at Duo have decided not to point it out, as they seem to have relaxed standards a bit over the last few months. On the course team side, tmave is not used in the accepted translations, but we do not control what happens on the Duo system side of things. We have had similar complaints from other users who are frustrated by this.


Thank you for your reply. I just wanted to find out whether I can rely on the accepted answer or I better recheck it in the dictionary the next time in case of a long vowel/hachek.

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