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Word order in Japanese.

[deactivated user]

    While going through the tree, I see mainly SOV word order, with time and place coming before the subject and object.

    The problem is that Japanese has no word order because of the particles. The only definitive thing, is that a clause must be ended with a verb. I find that the course is not teaching the particles to the extent that it needs to.

    This could probably be remedied by switching up the sentence structure.

    October 21, 2017



    Wow. You are also a tester.


    From my experience, even though Japanese technically has flexible word order, people usually stick to SOV (I don't think I've ever seen は come after を). Duolingo only teaches languages at a beginner level, so maybe the course designers didn't think that the feature was common enough to specifically teach.


    Hey, anyone experienced enough here to help me fix my jumbled up sentence? I'm having a hard time translating it from English, and why is "pooping on yourself" 立ち上がる自分自身 or whatever? I've waited 13 hours or all day for a response, and since you seem so confident in your Japanese skills, why don't you come and check out the thread? I have to try to get used to my old laptop keyboard again while I still can.

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