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Duolingo Plus coming to Web!

Our subscription service, Duolingo Plus, will soon be available on the website! As with most features, Plus will be gradually rolled out, so keep an eye for it in the store!

Everyone who wants to learn languages with Duolingo will still be able to do so entirely for free. However, if you’ve always wanted to support us financially, Duolingo Plus is the way to do that. By subscribing, you help us provide education to everyone who cannot pay for it, and you also support us adding new languages and working on new projects such as Duolingo Stories.

Plus members get some perks too. As a subscriber, you won’t see any ads, and you’ll be able to download lessons for offline use in the mobile apps. Other Plus features will come in the future.

One subscription works for all devices and platforms. If you think it’s easier, you can also subscribe via the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Thank you for helping us keep essential language education free!

— The Duolingo Team

October 21, 2017

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We fully support this since finance is needed to keep such a good site alive! But please keep this in mind: I have seen some websites go from free to monetized state - some have done horribly, and others have done really well. The one mistake commonly committed was just 100% commercialization, and no regard for actual user experience. I know Duo has a much better team behind it and really great users - nothing like that will happen here. Wishing the very best Duo, you guyz deserve it :)

[deactivated user]

    One day they will want to retire, selling off for the right price will seem like a good idea. Mark my words. Enjoy Free Duolingo as long as you can, this is how it starts.


    You got it! This is similar to Microsoft's "Embrace, Extend, Extinguish" - first, create a site that embraces all users, allowing everyone to learn a language for free, no strings attached. Then, extend that functionality by coaxing users to lend their knowledge to create new courses and improve existing ones, providing an iOS app, platforms for teachers to access, and competency tests for languages. Through this process, you extinguish competitive platforms when you eventually put everything behind a paywall, because literally decades of time has been spent improving the platform that is now Duolingo.

    This is nothing new. Duolingo will go behind a paywall or shift its focus to schools and universities, forcing them to pay per user before it's all said and done.


    This is great, and I'm excited about it.

    Will I be treated more like a customer if I pay? Right now I feel like DuoLingo is a giant black box that operates behind the scenes with little accountability. For example, right now, I can't even submit bug reports because the bug report form is broken for me. I don't know why, but it doesn't work for me, and it's very frustrating because I have a long list of things I want to report. I want to report things because I care about DuoLingo and I want to help all the users of the site. It's frustrating to me that I don't have the ability to do this.

    If I become a paying customer, will the threat of me cancelling my subscription be a motivator to make the team more likely to fix technical problems that affect me and other users? If so, then sign me up immediately. If not, well then this might just make me more angry and frustrated...the last thing I want is to have someone take my money but continue to leave me powerless to report problems and have them be addressed.

    Will the team be more communicative and responsive to me too, if I'm a paying customer? I want to feel like I'm actually valued and appreciated as a user, not that I am just screaming into the void whenever I report a problem with an exercise or a bug or post something to the troubleshooting forums.

    Basically, I want DuoLingo to be a less alienating and negative experience than it is for me.

    And I'm willing to pay money to ensure that that happens.

    But the last thing I want is to just flush my money down a rat hole, to fork over money only to have the DuoLingo team continue to ignore me and treat me like a nobody, which is the way I feel like I'm consistently treated when I use this site.

    What's it going to be? You tell me. You could start by replying to this message. I think that will speak volumes about the likelihood that I'll be treated with respect and given consideration if and when I become a paying customer. And it might be nice to follow up with me and fix the bug reporting form too.


    Hi cazort!

    "Will the team be more communicative and responsive to me too, if I'm a paying customer? I want to feel like I'm actually valued and appreciated as a user, not that I am just screaming into the void whenever I report a problem with an exercise or a bug or post something to the troubleshooting forums.

    Basically, I want DuoLingo to be a less alienating and negative experience than it is for me".

    I'm sorry this is your experience. I get it, sometimes it feels like staff is not reading what you are saying, or is actively choosing to not act or explain why your idea is not getting prioritized. This is certainly not our intention. You are appreciated as our user. We see your face a lot around the forums, and know you are very active, which means you probably have tons of insight, and we read a lot of what you share. What is a little harder for people to remember is that our staff is much smaller than you might realize, and it is impossible to respond to every message, question, ideas, and demands we get on a daily basis. And the forum is not where most our messages come in, the website is not our biggest platform, and English is not our only language-- so you can probably imagine the volume of messages. But we listen, and we intend to keep improving our efforts to communicate and listen even more. For paid and free users. Although messages with ads/abuse/payment issues tend to be dealt with faster because those tend to be more urgent, it is not in our plans to prioritize general bugs or requests reported by paying Duolingo users. We have been prioritizing bugs in the most efficient way possible for our size and structure, and believe we should keep solving them based on impact and severity, not on the specific person reporting them. I would like to make it clear that this does not mean we won't work on offering something like "premium support" or similar in the future. It just means that those paying customers won't necessarily be able to dictate or demand prioritizations based on their paying status. I hope this is understandable.

    As for the bug report form not working, can you please share some more information about that? What is happening exactly? Is it not letting you submit? Are you viewing an error?


    Wow, thanks you so much for the reply and thoroughly addressing all my questions, I am impressed and this definitely assuages my fears I had had about the premium service.

    And that definitely makes sense to prioritize bugs based on severity and impact, I wouldn't want you to do it any other way.

    As for the bug report form, I tried again tonight and a bug went through AND I received a verification email (I had tried earlier this month and it did not send me a verification email which is why I assumed it didn't go through) so perhaps that was a temporary glitch and it has now been fixed.

    Basically though I never get an error, regardless of whether or not the bug report goes through...it just sends me to this page with no message or evidence that the bug report has been received. It did that both in the times when it sent a verification email that the bug was received, and in the times that it wasn't.

    I think it's important that I get some sort of visual reassurance that the bug was received though because otherwise I don't know if it's being received and I feel like it's not worth my time to report it. This is especially true when I have had repeated experiences over the past couple months of weird glitches in the forums where I post things and they're lost...I worry that I put all my time into typing something out and then it's just lost.



    good idea!

    How about adding in Plus (or in general):

    • a setting about the translation ratio L1-L2: "Ratio between translation directions when strengthening skills is not good in my opinion": https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24799102

    • difficulty level (easy/beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert):
      Where you can control the sentence length and vocabulary difficulty and if you want to use tapping (e.g 1st learning a skill) or typing (re-learning a skill a 2nd time, strengthen skill the 3rd/4th,... time)

    • strengthen multiple skills all at once: Mixed mode of pulling vocabulary across all weaker (strength 0-3) skills

    • e.g reactivate the checkpoint tests for strengthening ALL contained skills
      (however, this would require an additional LAST checkpoint - before the golden owl - so you can free test ALL the rest of the skills further in your tree)


    I don't particularly like the idea of there being a lot more features on plus than in general, the original mission of Duolingo was to bring free, equal education to all regardless of wealth. Wouldn't adding better features that you can only receive by paying go against this?


    But as a starting ground. If people who can afford to pay help cause the creation of new features MUCH faster because of the extra funding for DUO then I am for it. Maybe Plus members get beta access to new features and free members don't; once tried and tested Duo makes the content available to all.


    This could work. I think that there are probably enough people who are willing to pay a fee (maybe not $10...) just to support Duolingo and people who are willing to pay for beta features that they could make enough money between the two to keep everything free!


    Well, I created so many threads and posted to others about:

    • good suggestions in general (e.g practice weak words, save words in "My words list", etc.)
    • developer suggestion threads how a discussion solution (external links, user profiles, session restore, etc.) can be implemented in 2-3 ways
    • threads about bugs I encounter

    Most of the time they are ignored, down-voted and staff never replied anyways.
    e.g not even for a reported bug id where my Android app testing the "cached offline mode" got it's data files corrupted, terminated and refused to start/sync the tree anymore: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22202238$comment_id=23588161

    So I guess this Plus-thread is my very last chance to shout some new ideas from Germany to the US HQ and/or to try at least to summarize the issues which are not known only to me, but to many DuoLingo users (which may have opened their own threads before). Isn't it?

    And no! I do not really believe that NEW features can be implemented for "free".
    Either there is no time for existing developer resources, no money to pay a dev, hire a new dev, or simply no priorities....or the "business developers" just don't listen.

    If we - the users - want bugs fixed and functionality enhanced, we somehow need to support DuoLingo so any good and enthusiastic developer(s) can be hired or existing staff can be payed....to realize any features for us one day.

    "Geld reagiert die Welt":
    The ideal thing would be a public feature request list, so people who are interested in features A, B, C,... and may not be a Plus member, a) could vote and donate money directed to "their" feature wish or b) Plus member can prioritize features from the list for enhancements and adding.

    The most important thing:
    The "business developers" (analysts) team needs to get our attention first.


    We read the suggestions and many of them are already on our radar or wish-list! Sorry we cannot reply to everyone's ideas with comments and explanations as to why we are or are not doing it right now. We receive these via forum, twitter, facebook, and a ton of emails. We have thousands of cool ideas. And we have implemented many big projects this year that we are really proud of and hope you have enjoyed, on web and mobile, and also a huge number of bug fixes, tweaks and "invisible" things under the hood. Thanks and please keep sharing them, voting for them. We are paying attention. :)


    And, as always, some kids downvoted this. Time to send it up 1. Have a lingot.


    I already pay for DuoLingo Plus on my app. Do I also have to pay for it on here!?!?


    Nope! It works everywhere.

    [deactivated user]

      Please don't tell me that they're bringing health/gem to the website, and then charge us to remove it or whatever.


      I've considered getting a month's substription once a year, during the holidays ( I use the android app). But I can't figure out if I could keep my streak going while doing lessons offline, and if so, what it would take for the activity to register. Maybe I'll just try it out in the summer anyway (I have lingots enough to keep me going with streak freezes for a good while), but it would be great to know in advance how it's going to work.


      I have seen in comments from other users that your streak won't be kept if you do them offline and dont reconnect in time for it to upload the info saying you have done todays exp so I guess the xp registers the day you come back online not the day you do it offline


      I believe quinnn is correct. In order to preserve your streak, you need the server to report that you've met your goal every day. And, it can't do that offline.


      One would think there would be a way to have the offline function track your usage and then upload that, along with XP gained, to the server once reconnected. As long as the server could restore the streak (which there is, or at least was, functionality for) and add days to the total I don't see why it couldn't work.


      So you will be able to download lessons on mobile but not onto your laptop?


      Correct. Unfortunately it's a lot harder to do this in a web browser than in an app.


      Is it worked hard to make it possible soon?
      Or is it not planned to make it possible on web within mid-term future?

      P.S.: Both are fine, just to know.


      It's not planned. Unfortunately we don't think this is worth the investment yet -- instead we will concentrate on other initiatives.


      Thx for the answer!
      And I agree that may other things (in particular in www.duolingo, incbator.duo) are far more worth developpers' time at the moment. ;)


      Fixing, improving and enhancing the current system would be a much better investment than working on "other initiatives".


      A lot of Chromebooks now support Android apps, so you can save lessons on a laptop if you have a Chromebook.


      You should then make a macOS/Windows/Linux app for desktop/laptop. Actually, it wouldn't be all that hard!


      I am sorry that your "Desktop app" thread got down-voted that quickly (I had up-voted it!). But you may want to link it here?

      My answer in your thread was, that you could install any Android emulator software like Bluestacks, NOX, VMWare (there are Android images available for Workstation/Player V12/V14) and use the "DuoLingo app" therein.


      That would be good idea, but let's be real here. A real, genuine, from-the-people-who-brought-you-Duolingo-web-edition app.

      Your idea is good, but I'm going to make an analogy here:

      So basically everyone knows the N64, right? Amazing console, awesome games, etc. But it's been two decades since the console came out, and finding one will prove difficult, if not impossible. And the ones we have will break due to heavy use. (I'm speaking from experience, my N64 broke a year ago. :'( WHY!?!?)

      Enter the emulator. You can play Super Mario 64 on the same device you use to listen to music on. You can play Super Smash Bros. in hi-def graphics. Although the emulator sounds better that the console in every way, there are several drawbacks.

      1: The emulator can be hard to set up, especially if you have a slow computer.

      2: The emulator can only be used under certain laws. (For example, if you wanted to play Star Fox 64, you must have the original cartridge to play it on an emulator.)

      3 - The biggest reason: Nostalgia. Unless you grew up on the emulator, playing on the emulator will never be the same as playing on the real thing. You can't really plug in a N64 controller into your MacBook, you either have to use your keyboard, or you can dish out 60 bucks to get a specialized computer gaming controller.

      Using an Android emulator to use the Duolingo app will never be the same as a real app, and think the emulator might be illegal.

      I rest my case.

      P.S.: Here's the link to my original discussion: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24919439


      Just a side note - Google have released open source versions of Android which you can freely use in an emulator. Just search for open source Android. You can't just take the Android 6.0 off your smartphone and use that in an emulator, but there are plenty of versions you can use. Find one that Duolingo will be compatible with, boot it in the emulator, download Duolingo onto the emulated version of Android and you will be able to legally download lessons onto a PC/laptop without breaking the law (if you pay Duolingo $10 a month, which quite frankly is the worst idea they have ever had, and over the years there have been a few).


      Kim (Fitt3) asked me on the https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24513744/A-New-Look-for-Lessons-on-the-Website thread

      Quote: Do you have bluescreen problems with bluestack?

      No, no Bluescreens on WinXP (quite old system) with Bluestacks V2 and V3.

      But Bluestacks usually just freezes (apps) with the screensaver after a while - so I disabled the screensaver.
      On Bluestacks V3 sometimes the hd-frontend.exe crashes after a while (on inactivity??), so I have to restart it; thankfully no problem to the underlying OS.
      Sometimes the app windows freeze (inactivity) on my systems, but not Bluestacks itself, so I would have to restart Bluestacks before I can launch new Android apps.

      The bad news:
      Last time hd-frontend.exe crashed on Bluestacks V3 when I had about 70-80% finished of a very quick strengthen skill exercise - that was not nice!
      Usually it does NOT crash in usage (e.g clubs) in the middle of an exercise (normally I use the web portal for translations).

      I sometimes used the DuoLingo app and it's tapping functionality to learn a NEW grammar skill in online mode (like an easy/beginner exercise level).
      This is much easier on the app than on the website.

      Nowadays I use the DuoLingo Android app (on Bluestacks V3) for my Portuguese club.

      The good news:
      Staff has introduced a free writing comment club functionality on the Android app!!! So you can now actually communicate with people/friends on DuoLingo!

      Trying to use my Laptop offline at a park bank:

      I had some problems with Bluestacks V2 emulator (not the latest final V2) version with testing the DuoLingo Android app "offline cache" 10 lessons functionality across 1-2 skills: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20610216/Bug-Android-app-V3-39-2-V3-40-4-does-not-start-terminated-data-corrupted-9-offline-lessons-done

      The stored data files were corrupted, the app terminated, did not restart and the tree could not be re-synced successfully anymore.

      I had rudimentally re-tested it with ~2-4 (offline) lessons with Bluestacks V3 (one of the latest versions) and with 1-2 of the later DL Android app versions and IMHO it worked much better (not crashing anymore on a really quick test).
      They have now introduced the "DuoLingo Plus Offline" feature, so they may have touched (re-engineered) the offline/cache app code and maybe read my bug report (probably not).

      Honestly, I had NOT the nerves to deeply test re-doing ALL new 10 lessons across 1-2 skills offline as there was sadly ZERO feedback from the DuoLingo staff/developer helping me to trace/debug the issue (cache mode, not Plus), as this is a time killer if the data gets somehow corrupted (which you can NOT backup!!!), the app crashes and you have to delete everything to get the app started/tree re-synced again; all progress would be lost and much time spent re-doing ALL the (10) lessons again and over again (as I did before with my "offline cache mode" tests with V3.39/3.40).

      So I have no clue if Bluestacks V3 may have improved on the fact with it's "data storage" or if it was only the DuoLingo Android app - however I am missing the "Bluestacks V2 data image backup functionality" in V3.

      I also played a while with www.languagecourse.net vocabulary trainer VT on Bluestacks V2 and tried to use it in offline mode (by starting without a WLAN connection) and tried to re-sync my "words learned" progress afterwords to my online VT account.
      Honestly I have to say, that I also had problems on BS V2 with that particular app that suddendly "learned words" in multiple Leitner index registers got corrupted....even words on the online server (progress before) were deleted :(
      I probably would have to contact the VT technical staff how this can be and what needs to be improved / fixed.

      I have the personal feeling (as an IT specialist and developer myself) that all those "online Android apps" are not meant to be used for a TRUE offline storage mode, either have problems to reliable store their data offline or are not able to successfully/reliable/easily re-sync their data online when WLAN/3G is back (e.g than can take a longer time to re-sync completed lessons with DuoLingo!).

      So I would probably just (safely) use all of those apps on Bluestacks in online 3G/4G mode! :-)

      The upcoming ~4-6 months I may be able to re-test the free DuoLingo "offline cache mode" functionality for 10 lessons across two skills with Bluestacks V3 with DuoLingo's latest Android app version for my new reverse Portuguese trees which I will be starting shortly, if I can find the nerves.

      Sometimes I really would want to use DuoLingo on a park bank outside, when the sun is shining....and I am not at home :-)
      But I will probably try to stick to 3G/4G...

      Besides Bluestacks I tried to install NOX.
      I can NOT get the NOX application 100% started or working as good as Bluestacks on my older OS 32-bit system, to sucessfully start and reliable work with the Memrise or DuoLingo Android app (it is probably a CPU virtualization issue).

      If I had an up-to-date OS 64-bit Intel I7 system, I would probably just migrate to VMware player or workstation versions 12/14 and install an x64 up-to-date Android image :-)
      I expect VMware to be working much better than Bluestacks or NOX....


      It is also easier for me to do the lessons on a tablet because my laptop is not touchscreen so harder to write accents. Also dictation doesn’t work so well anywhere, for example writing an actual number instead of the word for a number. And sometimes I am working too fast and don’t see the substitution and then I am incorrect.


      Okay thank you :)

      • 1663

      Luis, that is an interesting fact. I wondered why I heard about all this stuff going on in the apps that I don't see on the website.



      You could install any Android emulator software like Bluestacks, NOX, VMWare (there are Android images available for Workstation/Player V12/V14) and use the "DuoLingo app" therein.


      There would have to be a LOT of new features and perks to be worth $10 a month!


      I think the point is that what you're getting now is worth $10 a month, actually.


      Are the Duolingo courses created by certified language teachers? I always thought it's just volunteers - native speakers and people who know those languages well. Please let me know if I'm wrong.


      You say this works for all devices and platforms. Does this include the kindle fire? If so I will certainly join. I don't own a phone or a computer and rely entirely on my kindle fire for internet access as it is the cheapest option. Despite being very poor in financial terms I highly value what duolingo has given me and would like to ensure that others can benefit too. The kindle app has been badly neglected lately, with many languages still not added. This is a great shame because it is far better than the Android app which I had an opportunity to try this year. Please keep it going. Without it I would still be monolingual and far poorer for it.


      Have you ever considered making a Duolingo Desktop App? For Windows, Mac etc? That would make it easier to make lessons downloadable, and in doing so provides another way of getting people to buy Duolingo Plus? I would certainly download a Windows App.


      I'm pretty sure there is a windows app because I had it at one point but it hasn't been updated in so long, a lot of the recent languages aren't there and none of the new features, so I guess they abandoned it


      You do not mean "Windows Native App" but Windows mobile app on Windows Nokia Lumia smartphone?


      If you're talking about Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, a Windows desktop app is a Windows mobile app and vice versa - the app architecture and language most Windows apps are built in makes them crossplatform - they work identically on mobile, tablet, desktop, Xbox, hololens and any future hardware Microsoft may decide to release an OS for. The only difference is the layout - the app itself doesn't change between devices if that makes sense.


      No, I mean like a desktop app for my laptop.


      Oh wow xD. I didn't realise that. I think it would be useful though.


      I think you could only use it online anyway and if you have internet then you can use the web version so it is obsolete


      Couldn't you download lessons from it?


      You could install any Android emulator software like Bluestacks, NOX, VMWare (there are Android images available for Workstation/Player V12/V14) and use the "DuoLingo app" therein.


      I would recommend improving the quality of your services with a paid subscription. As it stands now, I am learning to read German, but due to the structure of your program, I wouldn't be able to speak it at all. There are simply not enough lessons where you translate my native tongue into German. It's always German into my native tongue. Maybe 1 out 10 is translating native tongue to German. In addition, increase picture association, and even videos of people saying the words. You can't learn great pronunciation without seeing people actually speaking it.


      Not sure that this is relevant to you, but if the reverse tree, i.e. for a German learning your native tongue, is available try that and you will see more of your native tongue to German. As an Anglophone I did the French tree - then did the English tree as a Francophone and learned a lot more!


      If there is such an improvement, it shouldn't be for people with a paid subscription. DL's aim is to provide good free language learning for everybody, not for those who pay.

      However, we also know that DL can get better. There is a reason behind the ' There are simply not enough lessons where you translate my native tongue into German', but other than that, people are working on picture association, videos, stories (you can see it in DL Labs)... Also, keep in mind that DL's aim is helping people to reach an A2 level, no more. If you really want to improve your German and you've done everything here, sorry, but DL can't help you anymore


      If it were possible to reach A2 level as you say, it might be worth paying extra. As it stands now I doubt any person would pass an A1 level test after finishing the Duolingo German course, for example. It is not rigorous enough. And for Russian...the course is laughable. Complex languages demand expansive courses...there is no shortcut.

      The developers do not understand that you cannot dumb down courses to a productive end in "hard skills"...things like language learning, mathematics, computer programming. Because at the end of the day...either your work is right or wrong and you will confront your weaknesses in an awkward social situation, on a standardized test, or on a job.

      You find that the ease with which you completed a dumbed down course rings hollow when you realize that the time you spent could have been used to a better advantage. More work...yes; more difficult...yes; better results...YES. By 10 times.

      So I would pay for a better curriculum, but it seems the project is not moving in that direction. As mentioned above, enjoy it while you can.


      Yes more pictures and better audio with DIFFERENT speakers


      Do I see a Finnish flag? o.O


      Yes, Luis (or his mom?) appear to have a fine sense of humour ;-p


      Well, there goes "no ads, no hidden fees, no subcriptions, completely free"


      But then again, that was falling apart back on ol' 01-19-17.

      Also, I wonder why you are (almost) all excited... if, like me, you were here five years ago, you would know what this means... the end of why many people actually joined, the no-ad experience! But I will continue to use the site, because, ads or no ads, Duolingo will always be the best language learning site ever.


      Is offline strengthen (either global strengthen skills button or strengthen per single skill) supported?

      Can you download the WHOLE course, not just selective skills, which you have to mark all manually on the Android app (blue circles or white clouds)?


      Offline strengthen is not supported.


      Will their be any disadvantige of lerning without it. Such as new learning features that we can't do? I really wan't to fully learn the language of my choice.


      So, ads will be starting on the web too? I knew this day was coming, but am very disappointed.


      Ads have been on web for a while! I'm glad you haven't noticed them :)


      Probably an ad-blocker makes them invisible to Dcarl1. ;)

      [deactivated user]

        Not necessarily. I use Duo without an ad-block and I barely see any adverts. They aren't "aggressive" on the website.


        Yep. I don't see ads unless I'm looking for them. They aren't very noticeable.


        Being retired and on a limited fixed income, I am happy to watch a few ads to keep Duolingo free. Just not too many! I click on them to try to help support. Duolingo has helped me so much, and I enjoy it too, but I could not commit to money going out of my account every month. If payment becomes essential, I would prefer a once only joining fee, perhaps after a trial period. At least I could, hopefully, save up for that.


        Is there going to be clubs on the doulingo web?


        I also haven't found any ads yet, I have the adblock turned off for Duolingo. This sound crazy but I want to receive the ads


        Oh gosh, ads? That is very disappointing. I predicted back in the 1970s that all that new fangled internet stuff would come to nothing.....


        I might consider this, but could you please finally think about adding the grammar notes in the apps? Everybody is complaining about it, you lost a lot of mobile-only customers, because without grammar notes the lessons are not uncommonly incomprehensible and even if it is against your approach to immersive language learning, at least, after two years that people are bringing this complaint forward on all channels, build a selectable option in the settings, so people can unlock it via en extra step (so it is not by default). And also, don't make the grammar notes gradually more inaccessible. I had to use the mobile website on my phone to access them alongside the normal app, but now you took the grammar notes away there, too. And now I see, they aren't even accessible during the lessons at the desktop version. I just don't understand why and this is bugging me since years, it destroys the whole experience of Duolingo, hinders efficient language learning, cost a lot of your users and depriving people of grammar is definitely not how immersive learning works. Please, please, please make it at least accessible in Duolingo Plus apps. It can only acquire more learners, not less...


        May I ask Duolingo?
        I use Duolingo in Japan, but I can’t subscribe to Duolingo Plus.
        Japan Duolingo haven’t announced Duolingo Plus so it is not nasty. However I was wondering when they would be able it in Japan.


        I'd love to subscribe if there was continued development on existing courses (I'd do that just in the name of supporting the platform). As it currently stands I have little reason to pay for anything though because I've hit my peak with the main language I was using Duolingo to study


        Please add grammar explanations for each question for duolingo plus. I would pay for this feature. I would like to have the grammar explanation for each question posted at the top of the comments.


        I would pay for it, but they need to do some major changes to their tracking and advertising policies. Also, liberating the source code of their apps would be amazing.


        Bit expensive, I would not pay more or the same as I pay for Netflix. £3,99 would be the maximum I would pay if it is mostly just to remove ads. If you are going to charge £9,99 you would need to add video and more sound. And maybe more interaction between learners. And maybe add tutors.

        I would like to see an option where after finishing a language you offer writing assignments which then can be sent in and marked by a professional. But maybe I am asking for too much now.


        Instead of a sub service for the lack of ads which has a few problems with it (1), why not introduce targets like on Kickstarter? E.g. at a certain point, mobile gets the hints, tips, and grammar, like the website. Things like that, or new languages, or extra features, etc.

        Now these things can still trickle through to the free users, but you may convince people that there's value in throwing money at you this way.

        1: So for ads, a lot of people will use blockers. You could force people to disable them in order to access the page, but it's relatively simple to change your web browser settings to block a lot of ads anyway. In fact it's a good idea for basic browsing security. We could make our browsers less secure for you, or white list Duo on a blocker, but these days people tune a lot of ads out. Had a friend come in from the country to the city and was amazed at the amount of advertising (billboards, flashing signs, etc), but was even more amazed that I had walked past a flashing sign ever day for months and not even noticed it.

        So the only way we'd pay to remove something that isn't an obstacle is if you make it an obstacle. Ads that cover the page for instance, or randomly maximise and refuse to close, or play obnoxious noises. Maybe flash a lot and try to see how many epileptic seizures you can cause before the Duo owl gets shopped as a terrorist.

        That sort of thing.


        Ads aren't worth paying to remove, at this point the only reason I'd pay was if I loved Duo so much that I would willingly throw money at you anyway. But as a mobile user, I'm not sure that I love you removing features enough to throw money at you.

        Make sense?


        Price too high. Sorry, I love you DuoLingo. However, $9.99 is simply too steep. If it were $4.99 i'd consider it. At $2.99 i wouldn't hesitate.


        I do not see the point with so many problems still, glitches, lost points for correct answers every day, the microphone still has many problems- might as well be free.


        I wish I was in a position to be able to pay the $9.99 per month, but I'm not. I don't know how many retirees use Duolingo as a tool to help them keep their brains challenged, to fight the effects of aging, but I certainly do. With failing physical health, many people seek out mental challenges, like learning a foreign language. Duolingo has been a huge part of my daily life these past two years. If I couldn't use the program because of cost, it would represent a huge loss to me. I imagine that the same can be said for younger people who are financially challenged and come to Duolingo because it's free, and it's wonderfully put together. It has its glitches, but they're not so bad that they discourage coming back. I hope they keep adding new words and keep coming up with new, different sentences to translate, to keep it interesting.


        +HelpfulDuo, I'm going on holiday and I would like to use Duolingo Offline while I'm on the plane on my laptop. Would I be able to use it on my laptop (it's a chromebook) or would I need Wifi or 4G?


        I have learned so much on Duolingo. Feeling quite quilty indeed for not being able to donate... But maybe I can help you guys if you're about to set up a Finnish course!


        I cannot afford $10.00 USD per month, so will have to put up with whatever Duolingo puts out. But I'm seeing some VERY strange Pearson content in the German course, and am close to quitting that course because of it.

        I use the website far more than the iOS app, because of the health lose system there. It prevents learning by our mistakes. :(


        "We want to make language learning free and equal to everyone" - Luis von Ahn

        You lied to me.



        There's been a lot of glitches of people not getting their ads removed or being able to download lessons. Are you going to fix this, as Duolingo Plus seems to be becoming more widespread, these problems will become more frequent with more users doing it.


        This is the main reason that is preventing me from subscribing. A few months ago I paid for one month without ads; it started a day late and ended a couple of weeks early.


        Duolingo has a lot of frequent problems, theses days.


        Hear, hear! My French bonus skills are all weird, because the Flirting lesson won't show up even after I bought it....


        Of course idkhbtfm! We have allocating even more resources into fixing issues and repairing any bugs that might arise in relation to Duolingo Plus. Please report all the bugs. If anyone has unresolved Plus or Ads issues, or if you did not get all the perks for 100% of the subscription period, please write to us as soon as possible (select "purchase issue" in the dropdown if the form).


        Would you please be kind to those with limited internet and still allow automated downloads of the next few lessons, but make large numbers of, or practise lesson downloads, paid with Duolingo Plus?


        This is really important. If you really want to help disadvantaged people learn language which will help them in life you have to realize that many disadvantaged people don't have mobile data or WiFi at home!


        What does the blue ring w/star and green ring w/ shield?


        The blue ring+star indicates that they are an administrator for Duolingo, or they work for Duo. Check https://www.duolingo.com/jobs for what they do. A green circle with a shield means that the user is a moderator, or a volunteer for Duo. Moderators are not paid, and do their services voluntarily.


        I'd probably be willing to pay for Duolingo Plus to keep bad monitization features from coming to the web, such as health and gems. shudders


        Although, whenever I first started duolingo, there was a health system on the web, but it wasn't like you had to pay gems or lingots to refill it, I think you just had to restart the lesson


        It was not health but hearts?!?


        Ya, I remember that. It was annoying, but not as annoying as it is now.


        how can you guys be level 2 in Chinese??


        Hi strocolate,

        see the answer to kalebg97's same question (currently just below your comment... well, until I wrote mine: it's now just below mine).


        Alpha testing. :D


        You got the Chinese flag up on your list :) , how do you do this, or once it is released will our data be erased and we start from 0?


        how do you do this

        By being an alpha-tester (with this account), very likely. Cf. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24703937


        I've been keeping an eye out but haven't seen any Klingon flags yet even though I assume there should be a few people that have them (but they don't necessarily post anything here, of course).


        I assume there should be a few people that have them

        No, because the "Klingon from English" course hasn't been released (into beta phase) yet.

        "Chinese from English" course (like "Japanese from English") is a "staff-course" (=staff took (large) part in its creation) and its alpha-test is handled differently than for other courses: it's alpha tested on a "large" panel of users directly on the platforms while other courses "alpha test it" with maximum 3 alpha testers who are invited inside the incubator (and don't alpha test with their own account).

        You'll see Klingon flags only once the course will be released.


        Do you have to pay to subscribe and do have to be over 18


        "if you’ve always wanted to support us financially, Duolingo Plus is the way to do that."

        So yes, you have to pay to subscribe to Duolingo Plus.


        Less than half a year ago you said you don't want to deal with credit card purchases in the web. Now that that has clearly changed, I would like take this opportunity to first of all remind you of our pleas not to bring Health to the web. During these months I have seen maybe one person (other than staff) be okay with it and a hundred complain about it (with no one ever coming to its defence).

        And second of all, you can't put Duo in a space suit resembling a Finnish flag this close to Finland's 100th Independence Day and expect us not to take that as a sign of literally the most requested course in the forums (all forums considered, not just the English one) coming soon. It's not like that's a pattern any actual space suit has, or that that's the only possible pattern, or that those are the only possible colours.


        I'm just as upset about health, but you make a solid point about Finnish. I wonder why few people have discussed that point here.


        I don’t know. I, myself, am hoping for an announcement of Finnish entering the incubator on December 6th, but it might just be wishful thinking.


        If they bring health to the web, I'll quit. Simple as that. I love Duolingo, but there are other learning methods out there that don't try to dictate the pace at which I learn the content I choose to learn.


        I have learned a lot from Duolingo and I am grateful. I would happily donate some money to help them cover their cost. I would also pay extra for some additional learning assistance - such as good reading material, recordings of live conversations, and more explanations about grammar, idioms, word usage, etc. However, I won't pay more to lose the advertisements. So I will keep watching for enough great learning features to justify the monthly cost. I also want to see some of the bugs taken care of.

        Regarding the "health" feature, I don't like it at all. I have found that I learn best if I just keep repeating an exercise until I get it right. The punishment after a certain number of wrong answers is an obstacle, not a benefit. I think it is more about Duo finding a way to make money than it is finding the best way for us to learn.

        Anyway, I still don't know exactly how the "health" system works. The explanation from scarecrow is helpful, but I haven't observed mine working that way. I had the impression that my progress was being blocked because I had been on the same lesson too long - which could happen if I was working intermittently on a lesson throughout the day. Have they released more than one version?


        You start with five bars of health and lose a bar for each wrong answer (I believe this only applies to new lessons, or in other words, to material you haven't seen before). If you lose all five bars, you not only won't be able to start a new lesson, your current lesson will be aborted. You can gain a bar by 1) waiting an hour, 2) doing general practice or 3) paying real money. (Edit: I'm sorry, it's paying with a huge amount of gems/lingots which you can earn the usual way or by paying real money.) The bars are account, not course specific, so if you make 5 mistakes in French, Duo will tell you that your French basics aren't solid enough to learn any new Spanish for the next five hours.

        As the help page tells you, this system of punishing you for wrong answers and making you wait for five hours is clearly better than the current system that allows you to make as many mistakes as you want, which in turn was superior to the three hearts system that punished you for wrong answers and allowed you to try again without a waiting period.


        Maybe this is an A/B test thing, but on my iOS app, I can also regain health by skill-specific strengthening, not only general strengthening: if one of my skills is not gold, then strengthening that skill individually will also restore 1 health.


        Well that sounds unpleasant.


        Please DO NOT force users to do the health version; will only kill off those of us with learning disabilities from sheer frustration. Daily practice is what has got me this far into my learning a new language.


        Brilliant. So if this comes out then I'm deleting all languages that aren't absolutely perfect as any right answer which isn't accepted (mum vs mom for instance) will block my account for five hours.

        Someone has obviously thought this through and is totally worth however much they're getting paid.


        Hi Margarette586611,

        You'll find some informations about it in the Support Pages' article "What is Health?".


        I might be interested in DuoLingo Plus, but I don't see Ads (may be blocked) or anything resembling Duolingo Plus when I click on the Lingot Store. Perhaps not yet available in Canada? I will await any future rollout!


        You'll have to buy it for real money, not lingots.


        The link to Duolingo Plus is in the lingot store.


        "other plus features will come in the future" please no :(


        The $9.99 price is totally ridiculous. Somebody did not do a realistic assessment of the value add and what price would maximize the profit from the work that had already been done. That price is more than Netflix or Amazon Prime - compare the value add of these two services.


        Moreover it seems it's the same price no matter which country you live in. In some countries you won't buy much for 9.99 USD, but in some others you will (so it's unlikely people from those countries will be paying 9.99 USD for a Duolingo subscription).


        Compare costs too. Streaming video vs a relatively slim website. If I have the choice between streaming HD video and subbing to Duo...


        Netflix and Amazon Prime = wasting time, usually Duolingo = learning something Duolingo is worth more. :)


        That just means we get to expect EPIC features and services to be added INSANELY quick.


        (1)I would pay if you would correct the mistakes in Hungarian Beta, which is what I'm in. As it is I have to remember to use your erroonious answers in order to advance. (2) I am a native Hungarian has been out of the country for more than 50 years. My second language was German but now English is tops. I am here to improve my writing skills and vocabulary in Hungarian and then in German and French. I agree with another poster that there should be levels. (3) If I brush against my touchscreen on the iPad by mistake I don't have a chance to correct my mistake before I am scored right or wrong. There should be a way to correct an accidental enter so that I don't have to endlessly repeat something I already know in order to get to the next lessson.


        Also could you please set this discussion so that newest comments come first. Leading responses in the thread are mixed between 4 hours ago, right now and yesterday etc. Who wants to read all the way through to find new comments if they've been following the discussion? AmI mistaken about how this works?


        It’s not even the ads that are the worst part about mobile. It’s having to click through 5 pages of pop ups after each and every lesson. I love Duolingo, but this is really wearing me thin. :/


        If the cost was under 5£ I would probably get.


        I would gladly pay a subscription if it came with extra Duolingo Stories! Oral comprehension is my biggest language weakness, and those stories have been incredibly useful for me. But I've read all of them several times now.


        I would pay for it if there would be the possibility to see the grammar tips in my iphone as well not only on PC. Is this smth. you are working on?


        I love the website, but please think about the price point of $9.99 a month. I can get all of Netflix for that (admittedly they're raising that price soon)...can you really compete by just removing ads and letting us download lessons, with the vague promise of more features to come? Adblockers for web are free, I don't think I've ever seen an ad on the mobile app, and how often does anyone really need to study a language in a place with no wifi or signal? It's not even as if Duo burns through data very quickly, so at the moment it would feel like basically just a donation.

        For some more context, think how much Jimmy Wales typically asks for for Wikipedia. A one-off $3 payment I think? Again, Duolingo is wonderful but $120 a year is insane as a suggested baseline.


        That's amazing! Sadly, I can't afford to do that, but I do somewhat enjoy knowing people to do this now. Also, can you make regular Duo a little less glitchy? I mean, there is a HHHUUGGGGE difference between Basics 1 Spanish and Basics 2 Spanish. Thanks!


        Duolingo should be open source. Apparently there have been many volunteers over the years developing tutorials. Now it is a paid service, or semi paid service.


        I believe just adding a 'Donate' button around the website will bring in a lot of money.


        Will one of the future Plus features be that we will be allowed to talk to each other? Because I will be completely disgusted if that is what happens.


        Where will all the money go? All moderators of the courses are volunteer arent they? If they get paid, people might want to subscribe.


        That's a so great idea, I really like, it makes me learn grammar without being aware of it, But I still have a question : is it only for people that are learning spanish and portuguese or what ?! Is there any german version?


        Will you get Hungarian off Beta before starting subscription? I am addicted to this but I have to do workarounds for the errors or I can’t advance. Would like to refresh German and French too. Will it be a charge for eac language or for downloading the new version?


        How do I download lessons for use on a plane? I purchased Plus for this purpose but it is not intuitive how to do this.


        Something that would make me go for Plus even without PC offline lessons (I don't use the app version) would be some sort of better-targetted review system; it seems to me that the present one basically just throws 'strengthen' for lesson-groups where you haven't practiced some of the words often enough, but doesn't at all target on specific errors you tend to make (such as my recent tendency to us διαταγή 'command' for επιταγή 'check (on a bank); in Greek). Strengthening entire lessons on themes such as 'Past Perfect' also has the problem that it primes you to recognize and use those forms in the answers, whereas it would be better if different forms got thrown at you in a mix, as often happens in real life.

        A comparative note on Babbel: I did their one free lesson on Swedish, and found the interface horrible, and didn't pay for more, but maybe I just wasn't used to it, but the moral is that the free portion has to be big enough for you to get accustomed to it, and also start seeing the developers as people who are working on something good, in spite of any issues there may be (and there always will be, lots of).


        I'm not dedicated enough to add premium to my monthly expenses, but I did turn off my Adblocker to start seeing ads. (A search of the forums shows me these ads have apparently been up for a year; only this week did Adblock start showing me the number of ads hidden on each page and I realized there were any hidden on the site at all.) Today at the end of a practice, I got a remarketing ad that interested me and I clicked on it, since I assume clicks are also worth more ad revenue. But the ad didn't open in a new window! It just took me right out of practice. That seems counterintuitive to take people off the site. Just thought I'd mention it because I imagine it's an easy fix.


        I like the idea of having a paid service with better features and, to be honest, I will happily pay for the service. I think Duolingo is great. However, I think $10/month is pretty steep. Maybe something like $15 for the YEAR would be more appropriate. This is really only a vocabulary app with a forum for discussing grammar after all.


        I do like that this is available on the Web because it costs 9,99$ which is about 8,57€ instead of the 10,99€ (12,81$) it costs on mobile!


        not sure if it started yet


        I want to have Plus, but I don't have money D:


        Need to focus on adding more lessons to existing trees with high amounts of learners rather than trying to add a language with only a 1000 native speakers. I would definitely subscribe if it gave me access to advanced skill trees


        This is actually a really great idea. Would be awesome if there where advanced skills!


        I'm not paying a dime until chatbots are available on the web or Android.


        its ironic that its an ad that constantly comes up about getting rid of ads...


        If you seriously want subscribers from Israel, you're going to have to list the price in standard Western numerals, because most of us don't use the numbers in Arabic.


        Standard western numerals are Arabic.


        I absolutely agree. Who else wants to see them actually fix Duolingo Plus before they think of introducing new ads?


        man if guys are cool you should just keep playing


        I love you "Helpful Duo!


        I submitted a ticket last night asking but see here one subscription works across all platforms. Gonna give it a try. Thanks!!


        Wow, this is amazing! I'd love to support the app. It's been helping me so much!


        Is it possible to download lessons for offline us in the Windows phone app?


        AFAIK, no, since the Duolingo Plus feature isn't part of Duolingo's Windows Phone app.


        It would be worth it to me to subscribe to Duolingo Plus for a long time, if it was a little cheaper than $9.99 a month. Say, $4.99 per month.
        My main motivation is getting rid of the ads. By the way, watching the ads themselves, with your app on my iPhone, is not the worst thing about them. It's the fact that they end by taking you to a screen that asks you to order the product, with NO icon to exit from that screen. So, I get stuck and have to turn off the app and start over. (This is with an iPhone 4S with current IOS).

        thanks, t.b.


        Does getting plus allow you to take tests/quizzes again? There used to be a feature to take those with lingots and it's been gone.


        Duo is still "considering" if they'll add back or not this feature, which is an "old website" feature which hasn't (yet) been implemented in the "New website" version. But they're closer to decide to not add it back than the contrary. Cf. the Support Pages's article "Duolingo's New Website".


        I'm just hoping that this financial side of duolingo won't escalate to much. I would gladly pay to know what's new in terms of courses and new makings. There are many more languages to cover.


        AdBlock also removes ads and is free


        Free in the sense that it doesn't cost you out of pocket. Not free in the sense that it impoverishes Duo.


        I really tied to find better sites for the same purpose as Duo does but i could not find, it is the best

        [deactivated user]


          duo lingo plus is super exciting and i have gotten far on the skills but i do get frustrated when the glitches show up i hope duo lingo plus takes care of this.


          why did duo decide to go with an owl in duo plus i hope w can have our own avatar


          How many Duolingo Plus subscribers are there currently?


          I can't find Duolingo plus anywhere. Maybe I'm in a different test group? A little bit of transparency would be great.


          I am not getting the option to buy Duolingo Plus on my phone or computer. What's going on??


          Is there any progress report on this?


          I love the additional insights and personal analytics I get with Plus in Android, but I notice I do not get the same insights in iOS or on the web. Are these forthcoming?


          Hello, I can't see Duolingo Plus nor in mobile nor in the web app. I've already read the help, there is just no Plus banner in my shop! Does it still exist?


          This service costs BRL 38,99. For comparison purposes, the most expensive Netflix plan is 37,90. I would like to support Duolingo, but this price is too high...


          Hello.. I want to support duolingo and become a plus member. But how to do this? I cannot see any option to subscribe in profile or store pages.


          I switched from the app version a couple of weeks ago.

          So far, the only Plus feature that I've got is a do-nothing PLUS button on the tree screen. I've paid rent through the end of the year, so really like to take advantage of the "offline capabilities." Much as I'd like to, I cannot go back to the app.

          Update 1: I see another PLUS next to my post. Useless bragging rights at best.

          Update 2: I don't see any ads.


          I love Duolingo and would probably be a subscriber now but I have an issue with how the "free" trial works. I was going to be required to say, before I saw the free trial, how long I would subscribe for afterwards. That's not how a trial works. First I try, then I decide. I didn't even get to the part where they would probably ask me to put my credit card number into their database before I decide whether I'm going to pay anything. I will send my credit card over the web sometimes, for a good reason, but not so it can sit on someone's server unused and waiting for a hacker to find it. Let me have an actual free trial and you'll probably have a new customer.


          Yes, I want to subscribe and it does appear to be available to me but I want to make 1 payment every 12 months rather than 12 monthly payments per year. There doesn't seem to be a way to do this? Please help as I really do want to pay after using Duolingo daily for about 3 years now.


          Why no desk top app MacBooks? Online versions of Duolingo are inferior to the app. With the iPhone app there are many more ways to earn points, and ways to get points for reviewing past mistakes. None of that is available on the web version of duolingo -- which is the ONLY way I can access duolingo on my desk top because THERE IS NO APP FOR MACBOOK!!!!


          Why are the single letter word buttons soooo small in the lessons on the web. Make them bigger and move the submit button lower. Make the web version more useable.


          I don't understand what Plus give you. When I click on the link, all I see is a checklist that doesn't explain what those features mean.


          so, this never happened.


          Duo looks like an alien in that picture :)


          More like an astronaut, IMO.


          An astronaut wearing a Finnish flag... [sigh]


          Hmmm...I wonder if it's any kind of a sign, for something coming....


          Isn't there a "tease" by DL whenever a new language is coming to the incubator? Looking closer at the "Astronaut" wearing a Finnish Flag, it almost looks like a ghost outfit with Finnish Flag. I wonder if there is an announcement coming for Finnish to the incubator around Halloween?


          I surely hope so. That would be a great surprise!


          More like Luis having a laugh methinks :-D



          I genuinely want to learn Finnish. It’s not just a “silly thing” that I’m supporting. My dream is to go to Finland one day. And I’m sure that most of the people who support Finnish feel the same way.

          [deactivated user]

            I feel very happy seeing that much languages spoken by people like you, thank you



            I assume you're on a mobile and can't see any profile pics. At least I would like to think mine would have been a clue for sarcasm.

            [deactivated user]

              Wow, you are amazing


              Everyone knows that Finnish is the Boaty McBoatface of Duolingo. It's just a bunch of people picking the silliest thing they can think of and "supporting" it. No one actually wants to learn Finnish. It's good to see that Luis has understood this.


              Mate, there's threads for Babylonian.

              You want useless? Try a language no-one knows how to speak as it hasn't been used in conversation in a couple thousand years. Oh, and the best place to read it is in a museum on stone tablets.

              Finnish you can use and is immensely popular amongst certain crowds. Tolkien fans for instance, as our Lord and Saviour of epic fantasy based Quenya on Finnish. And Sindarin on Welsh, if you've ever wondered why some random Yank really freaking loves a language with more g's and y's than vowels.

              It's also the national language which is still spoken in a country which still exists and you can fly over to.

              Now me? I wouldn't learn Finnish. I am working on Babylonian though, am signing up to Yiddish the moment it comes out, am working through Ukrainian, and would love Greenlandic.

              Fun fact, Finnish is more useful than all those things.


              Except to me. <3


              I only see a blue stripe, not a blue cross. But while I'm one of the few who aren't waiting for Finnish, I am shocked that Duolingo doesn't have it yet.


              There are two stripes in the pic, and they would meet if it weren't for the hole for Duo's face.

              (However, as you are probably aware, the tradition of what is proper and improper handling of a national flag does vary from nation to nation. And it would be considered a faux pas, I think, to make clothing out of a Finnish flag, just as you're not supposed to hang it out on a washing line or up on the flag pole all night (except for at Midsummer, when you leave it out all night -- still not on the washing line, though ;-) ).


              It could just be a '+' for 'Plus'. However, the cross is somewhat Nordic-ly off-centred. Here is a close-up:


              One small step for Duo, one giant leap for language learning!


              When will English to Czech be available on the IOS App? I would really use it. Thanks!


              Why is it only supported on the Android app to download 2-3 locked (grey) skills (not more) and 2-3 colored incompleted (e.g 0/10), recently unlocked, skills?

              The total (blue icons) which I counted was 5 (2+3 or 3+2).


              I don't know about a year ago, but over the summer, my PLUS rent entitled me to lots of full course loads. More or less automatically whenever I had Wi-Fi access.


              rlly why pay for duolingo plus


              Some people don't like the ads.


              I think I'd rather just stay with my normal duolingo


              So basically, we're are going to lose all of our progress and start all over?


              I know. It is really annoying. It keeps deleting my progress


              Remove health please that's all I ask


              Great so we can pay you money


              You said it was free and always will be, but this had to happen! You had to grow up and get a job! :) Duolingo is providing such an awesome, and now well-rounded service - I'm down for it. Thank you to the folks that are now working it full-time now. It's so worth it.


              Speaking of glitches it is the third time I have to write this comment. I have to disagree. I have been here for four years, Even though I have to admit the number of courses has increased a lot since people started going full time, I have hated pretty much all the other changes that happened since I started. I would prefer less courses with better quality. I now I am not a great user as I am here on a off a lot more than I should. However, I have spread the duolingo website in 5 different countries and keep bringing people in. I am sad to say that it is very different from when I started though. I do believe that change is necessary for evolution, but the changes here don't feel like evolution to me. I think the original idea of good quality free education for everyone on Earth brought a lot more people willing to help each other and the website, for the common good. Now, it seems to be more a business where people are paying for average quality courses. I am sad to have to justify all this new things to the people I am convincing to use the website, based on the initial idea (which is still the one that keeps me here and that makes me spread the word around). In my home country you can get language courses with specialized professionals for less money than the duo plus. I just hope when all goes down the drain that the community people left here will help each other to find better free courses online .


              do we have to pay cos if you do i cant have it :(


              I just saw my percentage change right before my eyes on the page that displays my learning tree. For the longest time it was stuck at 59% even when I used Duolingo for at least 2 hours per day. Then finally it changed and said I was 60% fluent. There is obviously a bug. I cannot trust this service for accuracy when issues like this are happening. Has this bug been fixed in the Plus version?


              i bought it on the app... its a rip off


              No. Duolingo Plus is horrible. $9.99 a month? Expensive!!!


              Does this mean we'll finally get Immersion on languages like Dutch? Otherwise there is little point to paying that much when all you get is an ad-free experience and the ability to use the app offline.


              We will not get Immersion, ever again, in any language, period.

              If you've been waiting for it, you can remove the "finally". It's not going to happen.

              Immersion is gone and will stay gone.


              Im too lazy to read this but i just want to comment that i learned spanish thank to this


              I cannot find out how much Duolingo Plus costs. I cannot find any links on their website regarding this, nor can I find any information when I search the web. I can easily sign up for it, but I refuse to sign up for a subscription unless I know how much it will cost me. I am astonished that the Duolingo team is not straightforward about this. Their reluctance to be transparent on this point makes me doubt the honesty of their business practices. Does anyone have some recent (May 2020) information?


              You have to get out of Duolingo Schools in order to get the popups of Duolingo Plus.


              Sadly, Duolingo do not seem to respond to queries on this discussion page. They haven't answered my message from 5 months ago. This is why I have still not upgraded to Duolingo Plus. It is their loss.


              What platform do you use? On Android, it shows me 3 plans (1 month, 6 months, 12 months) and their prices.


              Bonjour, j'aime duoLingo pour apprendre le francais.


              I use DL on the web exclusively. With ads, I'll quit.


              Then I'm surprised you haven't quit yet. Ads have been on the web for a while.


              I saw an ad for the new Star Trek series last week show up while I was on Duolingo desktop.


              Ha, right now I'm looking at an ad for a pet cemetery ... in Greek! On my desktop pc.


              But did it make you want to kill your pet and fly over to Greece to bury it? ;-)

              I keep getting ads (on the Android app) for a car parking payment app. It's just like when my bank insists on wanting me to use their app when buying gas. Shouldn't my bank and Google know I don't have a car? I guess Big Brother is not quite among us yet...


              Right now I'm looking at an ad for golf tips. Thanks, but no thanks ;D


              Ads are actually on the web... Unless you have something that prevents ads from showing up (like an Ad blocker)?

              Also, ads should not be the reason for wanting to quit Duolingo. I mean, you are completely entitled to your opinion, but if Duolingo stopped functioning because of it, then I can understand.


              I had an ad-blocker that was working, saw the request to turn off adblocker or get DL plus, did the former, and now see an add in the empty space where the request was. This is just not a big deal. Perhaps more of a deal is that what was blocking it was a do-not-track kind of app, but I haven't researched tracking enough to know whether it is a concern to allow tracking on a few sites.


              addd bloker doeskt work i tred alreaddy


              Not ublock. ublock origins.

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