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Traditional Characters in Roots Section

I think that traditional characters should also be shown in the roots section for Korean lessons. I am sure there are many people like myself who have studied Japanese and traditional Chinese, so I think it would help some people.

Also, it could help people recognize hanja, if they are into that. Back when Korean was mainly written in hanja, and even today's hanja found in newspapers and names, there are no simplified characters. I think the traditional characters could be useful.

October 21, 2017


[deactivated user]


    Out of selfish interest, I'd hope the simplified characters are there to stay, as those are the ones I know.

    But I'll bow to the will of the many ;)


    I agree, using simplified characters in the root section makes little sense.


    The Korean forms of Chinese characters are, ironically, the most conservative of the three cultures where Chinese characters are officially in use. Simplifications in mainland China and Japan have caused much divergence from the classical forms.


    Hanja is fun for everyone! (except beginners)

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