"She probably needs to sleep already."

Translation:Už asi potřebuje spát.

October 21, 2017

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Can you explain the word order here? Is it fixed? I tried Asi potřebuje už spát and it was not accepted, but I'm not sure why.


Report it, "Asi už potřebuje spát" is absolutely fine.


So I wrote the same thing as EinatAdar and it was not accepted. The explanation Nemsis_NaR gave was for a different word order. So I'm trying to figure out why these adverbs need a certain position in the sentence still. Anyone?


I don't understand why "Asi potřebuje už spát" is wrong. I put it in that order because it seems to me that is modifying spát. Isn't it?

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No, it is modifying potřebuje.


That's why I wrote "už potřebuje asi spát", but it was not accepted. Where does "asi" have to go?

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"už potřebuje asi spát" is a possible word order. If it is not accepted, report it.

Normally, "asi" should go in front of the word it modifies. With modal verbs (in the wide sense) it is more complicated as we have two verbs, the modal and the infinitive. "Asi" can certainly go between the modal and the infinitive here, but I am not sure there are any written rules available anywhere.

This is the result of a korpus query for similar orders:

When I switched "už" and "asi", as linguaphile16 proposed, I got just one hit:

"příští týden ho asi budeme už schvalovat"

which is quite different. I was actually quite careful not to say that the proposal is wrong. I only said what "už" modifies. The maintainers of the course are free to add that order as they see fit.


Možná ona už potřebuje spat - možná is wrong word here?


"možná" means more like "maybe" than "probably," which is more certain


Zkontrolujte výslovnost, na slově spát je slyšet stát.

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muž, nebo žena?


There are four word in this Czech sentence. From what I read in the comments section below, the word "už" works in the first and second positions. Will it work if placed last in the sentence?

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