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when and where?

when and where is your fave spot to do Duolingo? I like to do mine in the morning and right now my dog is snuggling me on my lap : ) Kinda hard to type when his head is on my wrist. ; )

October 21, 2017



I like to do mine in the evening, so when I get done with my lesson I can go into the discussion center, and it is a whole lot more active :)


I like to do mine in the mornings and the evenings. My cat likes to help xD. When i dod mine in the morning that's my day streak and later I'm just getting extra XP, Right now i'm learning German Level 7. Spanish Level 11. Japanese, Level 3 (Just started) and High Valyrian level 1 :) Takes a lot of practice to get Xp in for all of these languages. Just recently lost my 17 day streak:( It's discouraging but I'm working on it. (Cat is also helping with this)


Oh and i normally do that in my advanced tree house ;)


Wow, so many languages! Any tips for keeping them separated in your head?


Idk what to tell u there that's just something that i can do idk why :/ Good job with your Spanish! Keep up the good work! :)


Thanks! I'm mostly focusing on Portuguese though :) You too! I hope all goes well with your learning!


I like to use DuoLingo anywhere! Sometimes I use the desktop version at work when my coworkers aren't using the computer. Otherwise, I do the saved lessons on my iPad (I paid for DuoLingo Plus).

But my most favorite place to do DuoLingo is sitting in my room with Portuguese music playing in the background (I'm learning Brazilian Portuguese atm). That way I can immerse myself fully!


When=I like to go on Duolingo, during the night, usually, pretty late. Where= Most of the time, in the basement. This was a nice breather from usual questions that are asked such as "what's your favorite language?" Thank you for this ;D


I do Duolingo during study halls, and at night once I get home from practice.


i like to do it in the evening and i do it in my room cause its less loud


I like to do it in the morning on my bed or on the couch, with a couple trillion blankets :D My dog likes to distract me by barking at me every 0.1 second.


This was a fun discussion!! I like to hear what others do!

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