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Korean Progress

Hi, Just discovered Korean was released about a week ago. Looking at the discussions I see some folk are already at level 12. Wondering how they got there that quickly? Secondly, I'm only level 3 but it's not showing. Wondering why that would be...I'm using desktop..does progress only show if you're using app or something?

October 21, 2017



About your first question: I took the placement test. I leveled up straight to level 8.


oh of course, I forgot that route. Well done mate


About your second question: There seems some kind of hiccup in the update of language levels. I leveled up from 8 to 9 in Italian a few days ago, but it showed only two or three days later. (The correct level was visible in my profile, but not in my contributions here.)

So I guess you may suffer from that same hiccup.


Thanks for letting me know Heike


https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24349868 Korean became available on android about a month ago, so that would explain some of the high levels achieved. Also, when it initially came out for desk top about a week ago, there was no provision to type in hangul, so with a prior knowledge of Korean it was easy to proceed through the course rapidly. After waiting for the course for 3 years I was very curious to see how it was put together, so put in a couple of long days and achieved level 10 within the week. As Heike points out, the lack of level indication is probably just a temporary glitch. I am a desk top user and have had no problem with it showing up.


Oh, I'm not on android. I mostly have been using PC and from what I gathered it was just over a week ago there...thanks for confirming. I'm also on iphone but not been checking constantly for it. When it was in hatching stage I did tick the box asking to be notified, but I never noticed a notification email. Did others get notified? Good effort leveling up so quickly Roberto


Also didn't get notified, so notification is probably just delayed.


Definitely came out longer than a week ago because Korean makes up my whole streak! But I have a long commute to and from work so just do Duolingo/Memrise the whole way


Same. I spent about month to finish the tree along with Japanese—all during my morning/afternoon commute.

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