"She does not like the color blue."

Translation:Nemá ráda modrou.

October 21, 2017



I think that the translation is given for she does not like blue not that she does not like the colour blue. I wrote ta barva modrá which was not accepted

October 21, 2017


I am not sure if it is possible to ommit the "color" in English. However it is in Czech and both "Nemá ráda modrou" a "Nemá ráda modrou barvu" are just fine but it is more common to use it without the word "barvu".

Secondly, article "the" definitely can't be translated here. There is only one "color blue" and therefore there is no need to point at it and say "tu modrou barvu".

October 21, 2017


It is uncommon to hear native English speakers say "the color blue," as blue can be nothing but the color so it's well more than possible to omit. It can be said, but it is a more formal tone. Otherwise, it's redundant and awkward.

November 1, 2017


I am a native English speaker and I agree. You can say either "She doesn't like blue" or "She doesn't like the colour blue". The first is more common and natural, the second is more formal but still used. The phrasing in Czech given here would seem to suggest "She doesn't like blue".

November 3, 2017


so say also I

January 5, 2019


Z jakého důvodu je chybně: "Ta modrá barva se jí nelíbí."? S oním "the" to vypadá, že nemá ráda jen určitý odstín modré.

August 11, 2018


Jak je řečeno v diskusi výše, není tomu tak. "the colour blue" je prostě "modrá barva", nikoli "ta modrá barva".

August 11, 2018
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