"O poslední zvířata se nestarají."

Translation:They aren't looking after the last animals.

October 21, 2017

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I believe the translattion 'they do not care about the last animals' should be considered since 'nestaraji' means they do not care.


It is, it has been accepted for a long time.


This other meaning was rejected for me too. Can starat se have either meaning - 1) take care of/ look after or 2) care about?


What exact sentence was rejected? There is no recent report in the system. Please use "My sentence should have been accepted".


Thanks I will do that next time. In subsequent sentences I found that both meanings of starat se are acceptable.


I thought you should always put "se" on the second place in the sentence, but now i'm really confused... Could someone please explain it to me? Thanks!


It's not the 'second place' but the 'second unit of meaning'.


Wow, that word "O" seems to be held a long time! Is it my imagination, or are you supposed to say "O" for as long as two syllables?


No, that's how you prounounce it when spelling the alphabet Á, Bé, Cé,... Ó,...


There is no english word "aren't" offered as an option. The closest is "are n't", two separate word options.


Duolingo is not perfect, those two will do.


Except the system does not accept that. I had to resort to keyboard. Just letting you know.


Just so you (and others) know, apart from creation of the sentence, the course team has no control over how the word bank works. So if goofy stuff is happening, we can't help.


I too just wrote "they don't care about the last animals" and it was rejected.


Please use the report button. Always double or even triple-check your answers. In cases like these which you know are supposed to be accepted do make a screenshot. Commenting like this is completely useless.

Unfortunately, it seems that we have been getting only the reports made on the mobile app for some time. But if you know that we already said it is supposed to be accepted, a screenshot is the best thing to do.


Write this in English O poslední zvířata se nestarají. they are not taking care about the last animals Correct solution: They aren't looking after the last animals.


"They are not taking care ABOUT the last animals" is not correct in English. You could, however, use "They are not taking care OF the last animals."

What Duo showed you is the main translation at the top of the discussion page. The "main translation" is usually the one that the author of the exercise sentence feels is closest in meaning to the translate-from language, or closest to the most common and correct usage in the translate-to language.


Is passive voice acceptable?


Like "The last animals aren't looked after"?

No, active voice needs to be translated using active voice, passive using passive.

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