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Japanese Learning Resources: tanoshiijapanese.com

This is the second time I'm posting something like this, so I think I'll actually regularly post Japanese resources that I've been using over the years. The first post can be found here

This is another website, this one more focused on learning individual vocabulary words and putting them into context. The website is called tanoshiijapanese, and it's a website that offers lessons (kanji, hiragana, katakana, and vocabulary words based upon textbooks), many types of exercises in which you can do things such as fill in the missing blank with the correct vocabulary word and rearrange the sentence so it makes sense, a dictionary in which it provides example sentences as well as grammar explanations, and more such as a user forum.

The way it works is you make an account, and from there you can go through the lessons and select which words you know and which ones you want to practice. You can use any of those words when it comes to practicing in the exercises, and it's a great way to memorize vocabulary using context.

October 21, 2017

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Thank you and you deserve a reward!!!

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