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  5. "선생님은 아이에게 책을 보낼 거예요."

"선생님은 아이에게 책을 보낼 거예요."

Translation:The teacher will send a book to the child.

October 21, 2017



아이 means child, not student. "The teacher sent a book to the child" should be correct, or else the Korean sentence should be changed to 학생.


This translations are driving me insane sometimes. Who checks this stuff.


I said, "The teacher will send the book to a child." This was considered wrong. The answer given to me that was, "The teacher will send a book to the child." I reported that my answer should be accepted.


Maybe that has to be 그책?


I can understand what the child feels....


Can we say " the book " in this case ?


Does this work because Korean is a pretty contexual language with 아이 instead of 학생 because 'teacher' is before it? Or is it just a translation that needs fixed?


I think it had to have been a mistake. It's fixed as of 19년 3월.


Every child's dream gift: a book selected by their teacher.


The 님 makes it feel like (to me, anyway) the speaker knows the teacher in question, in which case he wouldn't say "the teacher" in normal English. It might be "His (the child's) teacher," since we don't know his name. I tried "Teacher," a possible way to refer to a known teacher, but of course it wasn't accepted.

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