"What are we having for dessert?"

Translation:후식은 뭐 먹어요?

October 21, 2017

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Doesn't '후식은 뭐 먹어요?' sound like 'What did the dessert eat?'


Nope, you can think of the topic particle as saying "as for dessert...what (do we) eat?"


That means if the "we" is directly implied, would it be "후식은 우리가 뭐 먹어요?"?


But i Korean, from what I've noticed, is they often times omit subject particles when talking.


Not only that but I added '우리' and didn't accept my answer.


Why is "우리는 후식으로 무엇을 먹을 것입니까" not correct?


I think, here we have to use present tense so: 우리는 후식으로 무엇을 먹어요 ? but I'm not 100% sure we can use 후식으로


@blzs92. I go along with that. Nothing wrong with using 으로.


(으)ᄅ 것이다 -> probable future, often interpreted as "will (probably) [...]"

우리는 후식으로 무엇을 먹을 것입니까? ~ what (do you think ) we will have for dessert?

(어/아)요 (polite present tense) -> definite future (describing future event that will occur with absolute certainty), often interpreted as "be going to [...]"

우리는 후식으로 무엇을 먹어요 ? ~ what are we going to have for dessert? / what are we having for dessert?

Note: The English versions are to show how the Korean sentences would be understood. Not their exact translations.


the same structure as Japanese language


뭐 먹어요? [= 뭘 먹어요? where the object marker is dropped*] = what do you eat?/what are you eating?

*뭐 - short form of 무엇 뭘 - short form of 무엇을

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