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  5. "우리는 생각이 제각각 입니다."

"우리는 생각이 제각각 입니다."

Translation:We each have our own thoughts.

October 21, 2017



Why 입니다, and why not 있습니다?


You have your answer


제각각 can be both noun and adverb.

제각각 (noun) = state of being original/distinctive (not the same as anything or anyone else)

제각각 (adv) = exclusively, distinctively

In the given example, with the use of 이다 (be) it is safe to assume that 제각각 is used as a noun. So,

우리는 생각이 제각각 입니다 -

Lit. "Our thoughts are not the same as anyone else's"

In other words,

"As individuals, we all think differently" or "We each have our own ideas/thoughts"


There is no mention of "제각각" in Tips and Notes. Is it: 제 - my + 각각? There is no mention where 각각 and 각자 should be placed in a sentence, either. Which noun in this sentence 제각각 relates to? And why 입니다? Should be there 있습니다?


Bumping for the same question as Oliver, when does 입니다 indicate possession and not existence?


My Korean native speaker girlfriend said the sentence was wrong. Correctly it would be "우리의 생각은 제각각입니다"–our thoughts are different(=each, individual, separated). 입니다 does not refer to possession.


thank you! I will make note of that then. For the time being I’ll just use this course as vocabulary reference, not for sentence building help. I’m a little troubled by the errors I’ve seen so far.


Why is this 제각각 and not 자신. 제각각이라고는 들어 본 적이 없어요.


Actually, we do use 제각각.


What is the difference between 각각 and 제각각?


According to Google Translate, 제각각 has more of a "different" connotation than just "each"


More along the line of ____'s own... To each (individual) their own . I believe. It's really hard to put the exact of nuances properly, but in my head it is perfect explained, lol.


Sorry ion get it


I am having a really hard time understanding this sentence :/


Suggest you take the topic marker off the sentence, maybe it would make the sentence clearer ...

우리 생각이 제각각 입니다. = Our thought is original ( prefix "제-": relating to self) to each of us ( 각각 ) i.e. / Our thought is not the same as others' => Each of us has our own thought


Oh that makes it understandable. Thanks! Didn't know about the 제 prefix. Will have to read more about that.


Shouldn't it be 제각각입니다? Why is there a space? :(

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