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  5. "Kde je mé auto?"

"Kde je auto?"

Translation:Where is my car?

October 21, 2017



Is it all the same when I use: Kde je mé auto? Kde je moje auto?


Yeah, you can use both. "Mé" is more formal, "moje" is more common in spoken language.



Given that the notes on this section say that the first given forms are more common, could we not start with the more common ones? So far the selected questions have almost entirely used the less common ma me mi form, and I'm reliably informed by Czech speakers that they hardly ever occur in conversation.


This course does NOT teach only conversational Czech. In fact many lessons are devoted solely to more formal aspects of (mostly written) Czech.


That's fair enough, but in that case I would suggest that - for those coming from languages where these kinds of word ending changes are very alien - it would be kind to break it down even further... for example, to do the whole of the first lesson with only the formal forms (or only the masculine forms, formal and informal), and then one whole lesson with the informal forms (or the feminine and/or neuter forms), and then start to mix them up further on through the Possessive Pronouns section. I'm fairly linguistically proficient, and I found it very muddling to have to take them all on simultaneously! I know I'll get there, but perhaps it could be made easier to get there.


If we split every single thing and put them into different skills based on gender, grammatical number, noun pattern, verb class or tense, we will never ever get anything done.

Though you may wish to know that the courseload at the beginning of the tree will be significantly lower in the next tree version. :-)


I think its fine the way it is, the changes in scenarios makes you think more about what you need to say as is necessary in every day life


What happened to the Voice Lady?! I hope she didn't get the COVID. Seriously, the audio with the man sounds ugly...


Duo has changed TTS provider, and there is nothing that the course team can do to change it. This is not the only course adjusting to the change. Some of our learners have expressed their displeasure here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/37772239.

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