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How to know what timezone thinks you are in?


I'm traveling for work quite a bit and have been learning a language while doing that but I've just lost the daily streak (assuming) due to timezone issue.

To clarify, I am in Russia in time zone MSK which is one hour ahead of CET where I've started the training and created my account. The duolingo app claimed I did not finish the exercise on Saturday already at 11PM on the said Saturday. Finishing an exercise until 11:45PM assigned it to the following Sunday. Checking this on the web page was actually a bit comical since it showed completed Sunday exercise without Sunday even starting (need a back to the future reference here).

So, my question is, how can I know what timezone duolingo considers me in? Because it is not the one I am actually in and not the one I've created the account in. And I do not see a way to check that.

Thank you, Luka

October 21, 2017



Whatever time zone you signed in with when you created your account is what it tracks. It’s fixed and invariable, despite your changing location.

This makes it quite hard when you travel across multiple time zones - been there, lost a 1.5 year streak because it was a pain in the butt to maintain with international travel.


What you say isn't always the case. I don't know how it does it, but DL even seems to recognise when our clocks change in the UK from GMT to BST. I also had not difficulty with DL recognising the correct time when I went to Switzerland for a couple of weeks.

I did have a few weeks when DL seemed to randomly change the time it thought the end of the day happened, but it resolved itself and has behaved impeccably since in this regard.

I wonder if you are getting what I sometimes get on my mobile phone? It is about 30 miles or so across the English Channel to get to France and sometimes my phone informs me that I have entered a different time zone, as my phone is picking up from France. Maybe your device 'thinks' you are in a different time zone in a similar way?

Do always put a streak freeze in place as that will prevent future loss of streaks.

Also note that your home page tells you how long you have left of that day so you can easily check.

You could try posting in troubleshooting if you cannot sort the problem.

Good luck!!


Really? That’s good to know. I haven’t been active recently, so maybe this is a (positive) update.


If you type into your browsers address bar www.duolingo.com/users/Luka242782 you will get a page with a lot of HTML Code. Use the browsers ‘find on page’ command and search for ‘timezone’ (without the apostrophies) and it should show you the timezone that Duo uses to calculate when your day starts and ends.

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