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Lingot store

Is there more to the lingot store???

there seems so little

October 21, 2017



That is really cool. Is it like a PDF or how does it work exactly. One buys it, then


no, nothing more. Sad!


There is not more currrently than what you can see. There are plans to make more stuff but no further info has been given than that there are plans.


Not that I know of. It does seem like there should be more. So anticlimactic lol


If you've got the iOS app (or maybe the Android version too), you can buy a couple outfits for your owl, but you're right. There's not a huge selection.


In the Spanish course, you can buy two additional lessons for a couple of lingots.


In ALL courses, you can buy extra Skills --- Flirting and Idioms. It might be different in other courses, but they all cost 30 lingots and are found in every language.


No, only a minority of courses have Bonus Skills.


I don't see them in Dutch.


Just be careful because they are very glitchy right now and staff are busy putting out fires elsewhere (fixing problems of higher priority). So, you might purchase one and either lose your lingots or the skill might disappear.

As for Idioms, I highly recommend waiting until you've completed your tree anyway. Idioms are famously hard.

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