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Practice with others users????

Is it possible to practice a language you are learning with another user who is learning the same language?? I've seen people offering to help other people learn their languages (and I've had someone offer to help me with my Greek. Thank you BTW), but was always unsure of how to do that, if it can be done, that is.

October 21, 2017



Like Qiunnn said, clubs and discussions are the only way on duolingo. However, I've seen links to discord servers for specific languages and I joined one for Ukrainian a while back. So if you wanted to make a discord account you could make or join a server for Greek or any language of your choice really. Do not give out personal information on duolingo, but links to a server like that you can do, and what you choose to share in discord is up to you. if you are unfamilar with discord, there are different channels in each server, so you can have a channel with audio to practice speaking, or a channel to ask questions, a channel to only use the target language, etc.


I've been using an amazing app to practice my favorite languages, look at this



You can join a club together and talk on the comments, you could also theoretically create a discussion and practise their but this tends to be frowned on. Other than that the only other thing i could thing of would be to practice offsite, on discord for example.

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