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Eight skills left to do and I will have finished my French tree

The end of phase one is in sight! I say 'phase one' because on the way I have picked up loads of tips but not yet used them due to time constraints.

My current plan is to keep the French tree golden while doing the French to English tree. I think I may find this more difficult but will give practice translating into French.

On top of that I have a load of videos to watch, a site to join where I can practice translating into French, as well as a whole load of phrases and sentences about emergency situations.

I want to look more at the notes and grammar of the French tree too...so perhaps I may even eventually allow some of the skills to drop out of golden while doing this. However, I do keep finding new things to learn even in skills I have strengthened more than once.

I also really want visit France, but may only go as far as Calais or Dieppe. Not possible for me at present for health reasons, but maybe in a few months time.

So I call finishing the tree only phase one. Plenty more to do, and I am still a long way from speaking French.

October 21, 2017



Congrats! I hope you'll keep us updated on your journey through these other avenues. :)


Thanks...I'll still be on DL as I will be strengthening the Eng. to French tree as well as doing the reverse tree.

And I should have said, all the things I have collected to do mentioned above (except going to France) have been as a result of suggestions from DL users on the discussions with links I then copied and emailed to myself and stored for use later when I found they were good.

And now only 7 skills left...

So the community hasn't got rid of me yet!!!


With 8 skills still left to finish your tree and your current level 22 I could say that you have already practiced / strengthend a lot.
Very good! :-)

I want to remind you for this discussion on the "reverse tree" and Camilo's "tree enhancer" user script: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24918223

I wish you much fun with your reverse tree!

You could complement DuoLingo with:

Isn't it very nice to see that you can finally reach a first goal like finishing the tree? :-)
A real motivation booster, isn't it? At least for me!

The "course progress" user script helped me a lot, when I could see the blue bar of 93% course completion and the next blue bar below when "I level up" at the top of my tree :-)

The calculated "estimate" for my PT tree is 21/11/2017 or earlier (probably earlier ;) ).

I have 5 more skills to go with my Portuguese tree.

The good thing:
Three vocabulary skills (Business, Spiritual, Politics) have already been pre-learned and reviewed since weeks on Memrise (DuoLingo user-created course by MartinPen)...so hopefully they won't take me that long to finish them on DuoLingo ;)


Thanks. I'll save those l links for my next phase.


Finished my Portuguee tree a few days ago (~1 year) :-)

My "concept" of pre-learning so many "vocabulary skills" on Memrise turned out well for stepping through the DuoLingo available skill lessons to "quickly" finish them, definitely a lot faster than with the rest of all this grammar stuff.


Congrats! When I was in Uni, there was a person on one of my floors who spoke Brazillian Portuguese. It's a beautiful language!


Félicitations! Vous avez travaillé dur, bonne continuation!


Gratz! Keep up the good work!

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