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  5. "Začíná si mě vážit?"

"Začíná si vážit?"

Translation:Is she starting to respect me?

October 21, 2017



Does he start - where is error?


the verb začínat, is more related to an on-going action since is imperfective


some sentences before the translation for "není čeho si vážit" was given as "There is nothing to appreciate", but here in this sentence I used "is she starting to appreciate me?" but DL said I used the wrong word. :-o Pls can somebody clarify?


Please report it. To appreciate means "vážit si + genitive"; to respect means "respektovat + accusative". They are very close in the meaning and often interchangeable, but for example when your boss is an ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤, you still respect him (respektovat), but never appreciate him (vážit si).


"Vážit si" has several meanings, two of which are "to respect" and "to appreciate" (https://glosbe.com/cs/en/v%C3%A1%C5%BEit%20si), both of which have been used in the course.

Absent context, it seems to me that "appreciate" should be acceptable here. If you see this again, you could report it as "My answer should be accepted," if that option is available (at the moment, though, it's not there...)

UPDATE = = = = =

"Is he starting to appreciate me?" was just accepted for me...


'mě' are 'mne' are pronounced the same and are completely interchangeable, correct? why does this exercise not accept 'mne?'


MĚ and MNE are interchangeable but not pronounced the same, while MNĚ and MĚ are pronounced the same but are not interchangeable. I'd need the whole sentence to help you further. :)

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