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"Practice was difficult today."

Translation:오늘은 연습이 어려웠어요.

October 21, 2017



Is '연습이 오늘은 어려웠어요' acceptable?


오늘은 연습이 어려웠어요is better because practice is being described, so it should it be closer to the verb .


I think CakeDragon and I have the same question. We understand that "오늘은 연습이 어려웠어요" is better, but is '연습이 오늘은 어려웠어요' acceptable? In English we can change nuance with inflection and with word order.

TODAY, practice was difficult. (implying there was something about the day that affected the practice.. Practice, TODAY, was difficult. (same implication)

Today PRACTICE was difficult. (implying other things weren't so bad, but PRACTICE was tough.) And the word order could be changed and still convey the same nuance. PRACTICE, today, was difficult.

Today, Practice was DIFFICULT. Implying it had been easy before. Practice today was DIFFICULT. Same implication.

So, even though the same translation would be "correct" for all 3 statements, the interpretations intended were quite different.

We know that the subject and topic particles can change the nuance, and we are curious whether nuance can also be affected by word order.


Is it incorrect to say 오늘 연습니 어려웠어요? I.e. omit the topic marker?


Surely it should be 오늘에, not 오늘은?


오늘은 sounds more natural to me. 오늘에 is...never used I don't think. Same with 내일에, 어제에.


에 is not used with words like 'today', 'yesterday', etc. The 는 in this case is used as emphasis, I believe

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