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Duolingo transliterated in Korean

I enjoyed this question in Lesson 1 of Alphabet 3 asking to choose the transliteration of Duolingo:


...some transliterations are very rough but I thought this one was excellent and very close to how I'd say it in English. Thought it was cool to see it. Any other transliterations you guys like? Alternatively, what are the worst [roughest] transliterations you've seen?

October 22, 2017



The city of San Jose as 새너제이, which was decided by a government organization.

It is, was, has been and will be the worst transliteration.


It must be 산호세 or 샌호제이.


haha, yeah, I much prefer your transliteration. Much better

[deactivated user]

    Ahh... beauty of Korean media

    Speaking of which, reminds me of the 피카추/피카츄 debacle


    I'd put this on my list of not so close a transliteration: 베를린 ...but not saying it could be done any better. Think it just reflects the differences in languages,sounds, pronunciations and how difficult a close transliteration is Here's another really good transliteration: 도쿄


    You might enjoy this link. https://www.90daykorean.com/konglish/ 오에이치피 OHP overhead projector is just one of many exmples.

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