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Reverse Tree, New Laddering Tree, Duolingo Tree Enhancer

Someone mentioned these terms. What does each mean? Thank you...Ted

October 22, 2017



The reverse tree is the tree, or series of language lessons, that is backward to another course. I see that you are taking the Spanish for English speakers course, that teaches an English speaker to speak Spanish. The reverse tree is the English for Spanish speakers course, that teaches English to a Spanish speaker. After a student has taken one course, he may choose to take the reverse course to help reinforce and get a different perspective on the language he is learning.

Laddering is where you study a third language from your second. For example, were you to take German for Spanish Speakers, that would be laddering and can help reinforce your Spanish learning while learning German.

There is a reverse ladder but I have only done one of those.

I am not sure about the tree enhancer. That is probably an add-on for the browser.


Thank you AmareloTiago, I hope you don't mind me adding a wee bit to the helpful info you've responded with.

An English speaker learning to speak Spanish = base language is English. Target language is Spanish.



Tree Enhancer is the name of one of the userscripts.

See near the bottom of the table: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Duolingo_Userscripts


Oh wow! That's super interesting! I didn't know these things even existed for Duolingo. I guess you really do learn something new everyday. :))


There used to be a lot more userscripts, doing all sorts of things. I think many of them stopped working (on the new web site) and were removed.


The reverse tree is simply the reverse of what you are currently learning. For example, I am learning Dutch from English, so the reverse tree is English from Dutch.

Although, I am unsure of the other terms.



The someone was me :-)

But you might want to think about starting the reverse tree Spanish-English https://www.duolingo.com/course/en/es/Learn-English-Online or a new laddering tree, e.g French (from Spanish) https://www.duolingo.com/course/fr/es/Learn-French-Online or Portuguese (from Spanish) https://www.duolingo.com/course/pt/es/Learn-Portuguese-Online
Basically ANY course you start from your freshly learned L1 Spanish language (besides native/English) for a NEW L2 target language (either learning it from scratch or refreshing your previous knowledge - through the Spanish tree (higher typing ratio in Spanish) - in a language you learned before) would be a laddering tree: https://www.duolingo.com/courses/es
Please note:
Any L2 laddering course you start with (from) L1 Spanish will have a much higher typing ratio on the website INTO Spanish, just like the Spanish-English reverse tree

"Ratio between translation directions": https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24799102

BTW: Are you already using Camilo's user script "DuoLingo tree enhancer" on the website? https://www.duolingo.com/comment/19654789/Userscript-Tree-Enhancer

Camilo's user script for extending "reverse trees" or adding audio (even on forward trees) is really really cool - a MUST HAVE on the DuoLingo website (not mobile app)!


Reverse Tree
When you are taking a course in which your "target language" becomes your "native language" (not literally). For example, English is my native language and I finished the French from English course. Now, I am doing the English from French course, using French as if it is my native/base language (even though it's not). It's the reverse of the original tree/course for me.

The rest of the phrases I am not familiar with, so I apologize for not explaining those. I can only assume that the "Tree Enhancer" is where you add additional skills to your tree, like "flirting" and "idioms". Though, I'm sure I'm wrong.

I hope this helps!


Is anybody using Camilo's "Duolingo Next Lesson" Tampermonkey user script?

Finally I have added a new (longer) comment highlighting some facts about

  • to filter skills by strength (there was a user style to filter golden skills)
  • rename skill names (adding prefixes, e.g on our www.duome.eu/USERNAME/progress page)
  • a (crowns) level-up lesson strategy concept to focus on more difficult grammar (e.g Subjunctives) / Verb tense skills

in Camilo's "Duolingo Next Lesson" thread: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/26849592$comment_id=29666271

as well as "[HOWTO]: Different ways for spaced repetition with skill strength viewer (user script and extension)" thread: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29304553$comment_id=29666130

I would like to invite advanced users and user script or user style programming gods to join and discuss questions and ideas on a brainstorming level.

Best regards / Viele Grüße

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