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Grammar on the App

My primarily learning language is Hebrew and I do 100% of my studying on the app because it’s SO much easier to switch to a Hebrew keyboard as to using the web browser. (Hebrew has mutliple letters to represent just one English letter, and online keyboards often use English letters to represent a letter that is visually similar but sounds nothing alike - for example Y for ע even though י is the letter that shares most of Y’s characteristics, so using a Hebrew keyboard website is slow and headache inducing.)

What makes it really difficult, though, is that the app currently has no way to access any of the grammar tips and tricks which I find enormously useful! The mobile website is not easy to use, at least on my phone and juggling both a laptop with the full version and my phone with the app version is not ideal. I know in general the app has a much more pared-down appearance, but has there been any talk of making the grammar tips available on mobile?

October 22, 2017



It's something they have been looking at - but I have no idea on status/timescales.


Have a look at a similar question in this thread, and the answers of the CEO of Duolingo

Workaround for App users

The grammar "Tips and notes" are available in the desktop mode of the browser of your phone/tablet.
In the Firefox browser you can select the "Desktop mode" via the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
(Note: This may be not working on iOS phones with a small screen)

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