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  5. "그것은 상당히 비쌉니다."

"그것은 상당히 비쌉니다."

Translation:That is fairly expensive.

October 22, 2017



I understand that you are trying to reinforce nuance in this lesson, but there are very, no, quite, no, a lot of different ways to say the same thing in English. This is one of the most annoying lessons by far.


Are 상당히 and 꽤 interchangeable? I noticed a lot of these words can basically mean the same thing, but is there a time when one is better than the other?


Dont really and quite mean the same thing in this context?? Why is one accepted and the other not?


Considerably expensive, while technically correct English, sounds considerably 18th century British. "Quite expensive" seems to be a better translation for current times.


Quite does seem less antique, but even that sounds as archaic as considerably. Without looking at Korean words, just English conversation, I think people are more likely to say “extremely expensive”.


And why are "considerably" and "very" considered different? Has anyone ever heard the word "considerably" without a modifier like "more" or "less"?


'That is extremely expensive' is wrong?


OMG. I cannot pronoun the sentence above.


wow... you have a lot of language to learn there buddy! look at those flags haha!


In english, this sentence is very awkward. When english speakers use the words "considerably" and "expensive" in the same sentence, it is usually in the context of a comparison.

Example #1: "This one is considerably more expensive than that one."

Example #2: "This is considerably more expensive than I thought it would be. " If we were to say: "This is considerably more expensive.", then the comparison being made would be understood/implied by context.


Why would you suggest greatly in the hints and then flag me for being incorrect???


Is 상당히 prounounced sang dang hee or sang dang ee?


"sang dang hee" is correct


I don't really use any of those expressions on a regular basis. I usually say, "That is pretty expensive."

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