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Duolingo Google Play store app name is very confusing

I normally just use the website when using Duolingo, but today I installed it for a friend on their android tablet. I searched for Duolingo on Google Play, and the only result that looked official was called "Learn English with Duolingo".. This had me very confused, because Duolingo is used to learn many languages. I spent about 5 minutes trying to check to see if it was an official Duolingo app, and if there was for some reason a different app for each language before finally installing it to check. Thankfully it was the correct app and let me choose a language to learn at the start.

Duolingo, you need to change the name of this app so that it is language agnostic. I bet you are losing thousands of potential users by calling it just "Learn English with Duolingo".

October 22, 2017



It's weird that I thought I was the only one thinking this, OP. I know I'm usually not the only one, but the App name has been like this for so long, I thought literally no one cared haha.


What happens if you just search for ‘ On the Apple store it lists a number of app titles for Duolingo (but I think there is only one Duo app).


the first result is as above "Learn English with Duolingo", followed by a bunch of other language learning apps and a few scammy fake Duolingo apps.

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