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Japanese helper here!

Hi guys! I'm alt, Japanese high school student in Fukushima, and unofficially admitted to a certain university. I'm learning Spanish and Esperanto in Duolingo. If you have any question about Japanese language, casual expressions, cultures or something else, please feel free to ask me in this page! I'm available in Japanese and English. I have grade pre-1st certification of EIKEN. (Eiken is most widely used English-language testing program in Japan.)

October 22, 2017



(I put this passage into Japanese for your learning.) みなさん,こんにちは! 私はalt,福島(Fukushima)に住んでいる日本の高校生で,ある大学への入学が内定しています。 私はDuolingoでスペイン語とエスペラントを勉強しています。 もしみなさんが日本語や日常表現,文化,その他のことについて質問があれば,このページで私に気軽に質問してください! 私は日本語と英語が話せます。 私は英検(EIKEN)の準1級を取得しています。 (英検は日本で最も広く用いられている英語検定プログラムです。)




That's cool since I'm beginning to learn Japanese :)


Hey there! :) Nice to meet you! ^^ How do you feel about Japan? :D Is it a great country to live in, or are there any problems with being a Gaijin in Japan? How was your experience? :)


How do you feel about Japan? - It's so complicated question for me because I'm scared of breaking your dreams about "Japan." I think this country is not so better than "Japan" you are dreaming...although I'm not you so I don't know exactly what are you feeling, Is it a great country to live in, or are there any problems with being a Gaijin in Japan? How was your experience? - It's hard for me to answer too because I need to tell you about racial values as entire Japanese people (not as myself). If you are from North america, Europe, Russia, or something like that, you won't feel discomfort in Japan.But you had better learn easy Japanese and English because most of Japanese think "being international" as "being English available". But if you are Chinese or Korean, I'm sorry to tell you that you might meet someone hate your country. Of course there are many people consider your race as something they don't care, and of course I'm one of them, but the number of people who don't feel comfortable with Chinese or Korean is larger than that of other country, I think. (I've lived in only Fukushima, a countryside prefecture, since I was born, so my explanation might be wrong in other part of Japan, but I think I'm not giving you wrong information. Thank you.


Thanks for the info! ^^ Haha, dreams about 'Japan' I had before are already broken since I've started studying Japanese at my university :D My sensei has lived in Japan herself so she told us not everything is so colourful as they show us in the anime x) And it is only natural, cause neither USA is as colourful as cartoons show xD

I'm from Georgia, the border of Europe and Asia :) I'm always interested in different cultures, and that is why I asked that question ^^ I do like Japanese culture, but I doubt I could ever settle in that country myself :) For that only culture love is not enough. But having Japanese friends - why not? ^^


Thanks. There're not many native helpers here unlike other languages.


That's great news! 'Cause some Japanese learners said there were few teachers.
Good luck!


I'm not sure that I can be a good teacher because I'm also learner or student as you, but I try to communicate to improve our skills as long as I can:) (Translation in Japanese→)私もあなたと同じ学習者,生徒だから,私が良い先生になれるかわかりませんが,私たちのスキルをできるだけ上達させられるよう,できるだけ頑張ってコミュニケーションをとります(^_^)


学者 (学習者)でも、日本語知識のあるユーザーが一人増えて助かる学者 (学習者)も多いと思います。日本語の学者(学習者)として日本人と話し合う機会があるのはありがたいことです。これから色々お世話になると思いますが、よろしくお願いします。


よろしくお願いします! 文法をよく勉強されていますね。 早速ですが一つお教えすると,「学習者」のほうが「学者」よりも適切だと思います。「学者」は「研究者」の意味に近いです。大学やその他の場所で専門的に学んでいるのであれば「学者」,学習を始めたところだったり学習の最中だったりするのならば「学習者」です。 Nice to meet you! You have studied Japanese grammar very well, I think. Excuse me to get straight to the point, but I have something to tell you. In your reply, "学習者" is more appropriate than "学者" because "学者" is close to "研究者(researcher/scholar)" in its meaning. If you are studying professionally in collage or somewhere and you attend some learned society, you are "学者". And if you are on the way to learn and be accustomed to something, you are "学習者."


See? that's what I'm talking about. You being here will help not only beginners learn proper Japanese, but intermediate and advanced ones to fine-tune their word and grammar usage. I think you will be a very helpful member in this community.

デュオリンゴへようこそ ^_^



ありがとうございます。お互い教え合えればいいですね! Thanks. I hope we would teach interactively each other!


I am having trouble with kanji alphabets how can i improve in writing ,reading and understanding these alphapbets


I really want to go to Japan and be able to read Japanese by myself, so pls help me out.




SFCは「湘南藤沢キャンパス」の略で、総合政策学部と環境情報学部、看護医療学部を合わせた名前です。 SFC stands for Shonan Fujisawa Campus, which is composed of Faculty of policy management, Faculty of environment and information studies, and Faculty of nursing and medical care.



Hello AltkeioSFC, I'm a spanish guy who's learning Japanese, so if you have any question don't hesitate to ask me. I say this too to everyone here who needs some help, I'm not a specialist but it is my mother tongue.


I think I'll do so. Thank you!


How would I say my name in Japanese? Would I replace the sample name in the practices with my name?


Yeah, if your name is Dawn 2004 you say it the other way round like- 2004 Dawn


How do learn how to write and read Japanese? i'm having a hard time learning it.
and what do you say i should do to expand on my learning? i want to go to japan some day!!


I started Japanese a few days ago and I've finished the part about Kanji. I know a few symbols but looking at those writing I can't even read any Kanji words ;-; Anyway is there any way to learn it easier?


Hi I am learning a song in japanese and am putting one version in complete hiragana and one in completely katakana. for the word もう or わらう, how would we write it in katakana? Do we use the ー ? Example:モー ,ワラー or モウ, ワラウ.

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