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Editing discussion comments.

Is anyone else having trouble editing their comments? I don't type well because of a lack of feeling in my left hand, so frequently have to go back and correct spelling. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 attempts for the edit to "stick."

October 22, 2017



I've found that sometimes it's enough to just wait a few minutes.

Yesterday, I added a paragraph to a post I had just written, and after saving the amended post, this new paragraph just didn't appear. I didn't feel like writing it again and left the post as incomplete as it appeared to me then, only to find a few minutes later that the paragraph had indeed been added.

This is really weird ... There have been some glitches since the last update, I feel.


happens to me too, must be a glitch,


I have this problem too and in some cases I've been unable to get the edits to post.

It is extremely annoying to me and I wish they would fix it.

I don't know how to report this as a bug though, because the bug report form has been broken for me for months now...my only hope is that the staff are reading these forums and that they can address the problem.


Thanks for the responses. I seem to remember once checking later after a double edit, and finding the same sentence twice, so will try to be more patient in the future. I have the same problem with the bug report. Hopefully, someone from the "team" will see this post and pass it on. It would be nice to have a means of communicating with the team more directly. The number of problems just in the first two units on the alphabet is substantial. I've actually itemized them and will just share on a Forum page, but would rather post directly to the team. (Have to remember where I posted the first unit so as to be consistent) I've been getting acknowledgments to my reports on later lessons, and they did add the hangul feature, so maybe our "squeaky wheels" will continue getting greased.

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