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Language Transfer needs your help!!!


My name is Karol and I'm volunteering with the Language Transfer project. I've been using Language Transfer Swahili course for 5 months and with its help and Duolingo I can now maintain a basic conversation is Swahili.

It is a entirely free language teaching course done by Mihalis Eleftheriou with help of volunteers from all around the world. There are many courses a part from Swahili.

It uses a new learning method where you don't have to memorize tons of vocabulary at once. It is base on listening to audios and interacting with them making the sentences it proposes you.

As the project is done just by Mihalis it is really tiring for him. The project is great and it need volunteers to do some help. Mostly it needs native speakers to do audio revisions.

If you can and most importantly WANT TO help (I write that way because there were some people who promised things and then they did not deliver)

Please consider helping and if you can support the course on its Patreon site (I myself am supporting it).

Thank you for reading, Karol

PS: Language Transfer webpage: http://www.languagetransfer.org/

October 22, 2017

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I'm not a fluent Swahili speaker yet, let alone a native speaker, but I can speak to the effectiveness of the Complete Swahili course which I started.

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