"Jsou to malí ptáci?"

Translation:Are they little birds?

October 22, 2017



If "ptáci" is masc. anim. nom. pl. shouldn't the demonstrative adjective be "ti" rather than "to"?

October 22, 2017


You're right about the first part, however, if you were to use "ti", you'd have to say "Jsou to ti malí ptáci?". Unfortunately, then it would not be a perfect translation of the sentence above.

In this sentence, there is used a phrase "je to/jsou to", which is commonly used in Czech to indentify things/people/etc. The "to" does not change with the gender of a noun, only the verb has to match in singular/plural. (eg. Jsou to ptáci? Jsou to ženy? Jsou to města? Je to muž? Je to kočka? Je to kuře?)

October 22, 2017


Paul, don't confuse the demonstrative ADJECTIVE 'to' (and its other inflections such as 'ty', etc.) with the uninflected demonstrative PRONOUN 'to'.

Here we have the pronoun, not the adjective. And in Czech, the singular neuter ('to') is used even with a plural complement. So the sentence here means literally 'Are it small birds' = 'Are they small birds'?

November 1, 2017


Thanks :)

May 26, 2018


"Are those birds small?" is not correct?

December 31, 2017


I wrote the same thing. Hopefully we can get some help here.

February 2, 2018


'Are those birds small?' = Jsou ti ptáci malí?

'Are they little birds?' = Jsou to malí ptáci?

May 30, 2018


Is this the same as "are those little birds? " I'm trying to extend what I know about "Je to x? " which could mean "is it/is that x? "

September 25, 2018


Yes, "those" would be fine here, too.

September 25, 2018
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