"Hodně cukru?"

Translation:A lot of sugar?

October 22, 2017

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Much sugar? is also correct.


I said "much sugar" 2 years later and am still marked wrong. However I agree that "a lot of sugar" is more natural in English.


For what it's worth, as a native (US) English speaker, I don't think there's anything at all wrong with the English translation "a lot of sugar," whether it's used as a question or as a statement. The only way I'd expect to hear "much sugar" used in English would be in a phrase like "too much sugar" or "how much sugar." (YMMV.)


Ok, so hodně also takes Genitive, as well as mnoho?


"Plenty of sugar" would also mean the same as "a lot of sugar", so this should surely be accepted? To isolate a phrase assuming a conversation can be very misleading. Almost impossible without context.


I (native AmE) feel a slight difference between "a lot of sugar" and "plenty of sugar."

To my ear, the first is a simple statement of quantity, while the second feels more like a statement of quantity relative to some unspecified standard or need. So, to me, "we have plenty of sugar" says not only that we have a lot of sugar, but also that we may have even more than we need for some specific purpose (like baking six trays of yummy brownies for the picnic...)

I don't have any problem with accepting "plenty of" if it works for the Czech natives on the team. But I do think it sounds better in a declarative statement than in a question, unless the question is just repeating what someone else has said -- A: "Do we have enough sugar?" B: "We have plenty of sugar!" A: "Plenty of sugar?"


I added plenty of sugar. Of course it would require a different situation. But it may be removed if other, perhaps native speakers, find it wrong.


It makes sense in a Czech dialogue. But explanations are always welcome.


Это типа как "Больше сахара?" я правильно понял?



Но, пожалуйста, спрашивайте на английском.

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