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  5. 'weisen' vs. 'zeigen auf'


'weisen' vs. 'zeigen auf'

  1. What is the difference between:
  2. weisen and zeigen auf etw. (+Akk.)?
  3. vermehren and zunehmen?

  4. What is the translation for to win/done a challenge in German?

LG Jason

October 22, 2017



auf etwas zeigen is to point to (or at) something.

auf etwas weisen is archaic. auf etwas hinweisen is to point out something -- usually not with a finger but with words.

sich vermehren is to multiply in the sense of what biological organisms do (e.g. bacteria or animals).

zunehmen is more general: to increase, to become more.


Good explanation. But I would like to add something. Then I think you can also increase ("vermehren") your money or your knowledge, for example. Or?

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Can you use the above in sentences with translation?

[deactivated user]

    If you mean "Jemand auf etwas hinweisen" it's like drawing his attention to something, like you have to be 16 to buy this beer.

    Zunehmen is gaining weight for example, vermehren is more like let's say some animals have sex and they get "children" (don't know if that's correct lol) fast, then you'd say: Sie vermehren sich schnell. For example!

    Of course you could use vermehren for other things, but we don't really do that in Germany from my experience.

    Btw, we don't use weisen just like weisen. Either hinweisen like shown above, or einweisen. Auf etwas zeigen is pointing with your finger at something, so... don't really know what you wanna know there.


    I would translate it with: "eine Herausforderung gewinnen" and "eine Herausforderung abgeschlossen"

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