Translation:I should eat

October 22, 2017



Why not "We should eat"?


We would like to eat would be more like 'tunaomba kula' or 'tunataka kula' (we want to eat). 'Ni-le' is derived from the first person prefix -ni- and the subjunctive form of the verb -kula-. Monosyllabic verbs lose their -ku- prefixes and the final -a- of the vowels are changed to -e-'s. And this imperative form basically means should/must. So 'nile' basically means 'I should/must eat' = I have to eat .


Why not - we would like to eat ?


Sometimes should is corrected have to, sometimes have to is corrected should... Reporting each time.


IMO, "I have to eat" means "Lazima nile" or "Sharti nile" or "Sina budi (ila) kula". Just "nile" by itself means "Let me eat" (but not in the sense of allowing me to eat), or "I should eat". If it were in the form of a question "Nile?" it would mean "Shall/should I eat?", not "Do I have to eat?"

Further example: "Ngoja nile kidogo halafu tutakwenda." -- (roughly) wait let me eat a little then we'll go. There is no notion of "have to" here; one could argue there is not even a notion of "should."

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