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Could you help me with this German sentence?

I've just started studying German and I watch movies with German subtitles. I came upon this sentence, I know it is a bit vulgar one but I have to ask this.

One of the characters said this to another : You are an ass. And it was translated to Du bist ein Arsch. I have looked it up on Google and it has ein everywhere before Arsch.

But why? Arsch is Der Arsch and not Das Arsch, so should not it be Du bist einen Arsch?

Thank you for the answer in advance! :D

October 22, 2017



In the nominative, both indefinites are "ein". What you're confused about is when it becomes "einen", and that is only in the accusative case.


Thank you very much! :D


It uses ‘bist’ which means ‘du’ and ‘arsch’ are the same thing. So they are both nominative case. The second thing only becomes Accusative when the first thing is doing something too it.

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Very interesting!


Predicate nominate.

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