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4 YEARS ON DUOLINGO! And the streak that kept me motivated.

As the title suggests i have now been on duolingo for 4 years( yesterday was the 4 year anniversary ) and i'll be honest this year has been one of my best, if not my best, on the platform. Last year i went through a lot of struggles and suffered a lot of loss, my motivation for learning had dwindled but i didnt want to lose my streak, so in order to keep up my streak i would just do the "basics" over and over until i had enough exp points to advance to the next day. Every single lesson in my portuguese tree had fallen to one bar and a part of me considered quitting duolingo altogether, it just felt like way too much work for someone who wasnt motivated to learn the language. However once the new year began i told myself im going to start over and re educate myself, relearn all that i had forgotten, it was not only easy for me to get back into but it was also so much fun to learn it all over again, in fact i think i am learning more in this one year than i have in my four years on duolingo.

As silly as it sounds that streak kept me going, even when i didnt want to learn the language i still wanted that streak to be as high as i could possibly get it, seeing that number rise one point day by day was enough to keep a spark lit inside of me, and now that spark is a burning fire. I not only want to learn i actually need to learn, duolingo has become a part of my daily life, portuguese has become a part of my daily life, and i couldnt be more happy about it. October 20 2013 was the day i downloaded the duolingo app out of boredom and here i am 1464 days later, i have never missed a day on duolingo and i dont plan to miss one now, but it is because of that desire to never miss a day that has revitalized my passion for this language. I am so grateful for the streak system, it's something that works for me and keeps me going and i am so grateful it's there.

Thank you to all the hard working people at duolingo for giving me and millions of others the opportunity to learn a language that would have not been possible if not for you. You have made learning fun but also you have made learning accessible and inspiring, people come to duolingo because they want to, not because they feel they have to, and i can't think of another platform that has the kind of charisma that duolingo has.

So from one guy whose curiosity that got the better of him, i say to duolingo, Thank You! Here's to many more years of free learning.

October 22, 2017



::Jaw drops at your steak number.:: Wow! That is such amazing work you have done the past 4 years Marshallissane! I didn't realize Duolingo was available for so long. Congratulations on your streak and I wish you the best in your language learning! Thank you for sharing your story. :-)


Thank you! Your streak is pretty impressive as well, you dont realize how how long you've been doing it until you see that number and it's kind of daunting, it's like "woah i was a completely different person when i started". Thank you for reading and good luck on your own language learning journey.


Parabéns! I've been studying on DL since July 2013. I also had an impressive streak until I went to Crete on a 3-week 2nd honeymoon (37 yrs of marriage) this past July 2017. Since I'm retired, I am getting ready to VOLUNTEER around the world (on at least 6 continents) and put all my languages to good use! Challenge yourself, one day at a time, and consider daily journaling as I do. Boa sorte!


Your comment on its own is very inspiring. It is so amazing that you are going to use your skills to contribute to the betterment of different societies. I wish you good luck on your journey!


THAT'S AMAZING! I love how your skills translate into the real world, i would love to do the same one day. Great idea about daily journaling, maybe that will be something i talk about in my five year post, ill defiantly give it a try. Thank your for your lovely comment and WHOA congratulations on your 37 year marriage! Boa sorte a voce tamem!



gives high five

You are awesome for keeping that streak up.



Currently the working title, will probably come up with something else when its closer to release, right now its in pre production, and we're working on the trailer right now, hopefully it doesn't get leaked like "TWO years on Duolingo!?!?" reviews were already coming out before it got released, although it did do pretty well at the box office, for a sequel.


Congratulations on your four-year streak! Thank you for sharing your story! :)


Thank you for reading it, it means a lot to me to inspire people to try their best.


Congratulations! I don't want to rain on your parade, but I am just curious what is your goal here? To learn portuguese, (did you?) or stay on Duolingo forever? Is it time to free yourself and move on?


I imagine ill quit one day, but for now i'm very happy doing Duolingo daily, but when it no longer satisfies me i'll quit with no regrets. My goal i guess is simply to learn for the sake of learning, if anything it will provide me with more opportunities in the future, and if it doesn't then at least ill have learned something of value. One day i'll leave but for now, i'm young and have a passion for learning and that's good enough for me.


Cheers, congratulations! That's a great mark, and undoubtely it will motivate many students here. Since you understand portuguese.... Parabéns pelo ótimo trabalho!!!


Muito obrigado/a eu espero motivar tudo haha.


Congratulations! That's amazing!


Were you on the streak hale of fame? I so, you would have been somewhere at the top!


NO i didnt even know there was one, im gonna have to go look it up. Thank you for sharing!


What you didn't? well now you do and here is the latest update ;) https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24840864$from_email=comment&comment_id=24925021 Wow, you would be a Platinum congrats!


I put in a request earlier today so hopefully ill hear back from them.


Thank you so much!



so in order to keep up my streak i would just do the "basics" over and over until i had enough exp points to advance to the next day

How about changing your coach goal to 1XP in the web settings and using "timed practice" to let the global blue "strengthen skills" button choose a skill from top to down for you?

Or install the user script "DuoLingo skill strength viewer" where you can choose for yourself your own specific skill from the list, which has e.g the lowest percentage.

You may be able to correctly answer 4-6 questions which gives you 4-6XPs.
If not, you are done after answering just ONE question = 1XP correctly.

Personally I would think that this makes much more sense, than doing Basics1 or Basic2 / Phrases over and over again, just to collect 10XP++ per day to save your streak.

Nice that you are back and you are pushing again forward.

So, what about the reverse tree (Portuguese-English) or a laddering tree (from Portuguese)?
Both would give you a higher translation ratio in typing Portuguese, instead of English.

BTW: Why do so many people on DuoLingo use pictures of dogs, cats, anime....or pictures of other people instead of just showing their own portrait picture in their profile? :-)


For your last question, some people, such as I, feel uncomfortable or feel it is unnecessary to have pictures of ourselves for the internet to see. I don't want people to know my appearance because... Well, I just don't want it out there. No one needs to know what I look like.

Also, a profile icon can express one's interests, amongst other things. For example, my icon is a picture of a videogame character that I drew, and I'm a bit obsessed with the game series. ^ ^


1.) At the time i wasn't really thinking about "How can i improve my experience on duolingo?" i was more in the mindset to just get it done as quickly and easily as i could, i wasn't really in the best emotional state( i had two family members die in the span of 8 months), and my life changed in a way i could never possibly imagine. But i wanted to keep my streak because even though i wasn't interested in the language at the time i knew one day i would get back to a better place, and i would want to pick up where i left off. The streak was just further motivation for me, (i don't need it but i want it) and it helps for me personally.

2.) I'm actually planning to do a reverse tree come the new year, i want to finish up the Portuguese(Yes after four years i'm still not finished), but i am working on that now and have been working on that all year, my goal is to finish the Portuguese tree by the end of this year.

3.) How do you know that's not actually me? No i'm joking, i cant say why other people do it, but for me personally i am using a picture of Giselle Bundchen, a Brazilian supermodel, i figure since shes Brazilian and i'm learning Portuguese it just kinda fits, plus i'm just a big fashion nerd so it works for me, i could put a picture of myself up( or any of the other supermodels) but i prefer to see the lovely Mrs Brady whenever i log in to duo everyday. So in short the picture just works for me.


congratulations!! I do agree that the streaks do help people stay motivated!


Thank you, yes they sure do.


Wow, congratulations! You sure do have a lot of persistence!


Thank you, Lol yeah im kinda competitive and always want to be the best, even if it's only me, i want to be the best me that i can be.


Totally can relate, lol.


LOL right? I have to be better then everyone else INCLUDING MYSELF!


Totally get that feeling. :) I'm homeschooled, so, as I'm the only one in my class, the only person I have to beat is myself and I'm so competitive in everything, that there is no other option besides be the best self I can.


I'm homeschooled too! Can I follow you?


Sure you can. Homeschoolers unite!


I'm impressed that you've been here for four years straight and still haven't tried more than one language.


lol I KNOW AND IM STILL NOT EVEN DONE WITH THE TREE LOL OH LORDY! i plan next year to try something different though, i'm going to do either French, Italian or Spanish.


Congratulations! It's amazing how a number can influence us all like this. I hope you keep enjoying language learning the way you do now!


Thank you! Life happens in ways we cannot control, but i don't plan to stop learning just because things get hard, if anything that's when you should be learning something, it takes your mind of the pain and allows for something positive to occur. congratulations on your streak as well, i wish you all the luck!


Congrats to your achievement and your steadfast discipline to keep going at the DL exercises even during a period of stress and dwindling motivation. We all know those moments and have learnt by experience how useful (if irrational) the streak proves then. As for you, also for me DL has become firmly incorporated into my daily routine, and the app on the phone makes it easy to learn a language "in between" – while waiting for a bus or during lunch break, for example.

Next goal, new challenge: a streak of 2000 days, perhaps? Kidding!


Thank you! Yes the streak has a way of motivating you to go even further, i see that your streak and mine are almost the same, id be more than happy to race you to 2000 days lol.


4 years learning portuguese :O parabens!!


Awesome! Congratulations!!!


Thank you! you've got a pretty impressive streak going on i see, keep up the good work!

[deactivated user]

    Wow! Keeping a streak for four years is fabulous! Great job! (^▽^)


    Thank you! and WOAH thats a lot of languages to learn, i wonder what one i should learn next.


    Great job and congratulations! Do you have other language goal? Are you strating another language?


    Thank you! yes i plan on learning French, Italian and Spanish . . . eventually.


    Incredible, congrats!


    what an amazing achievement I'm at the starting point of my duolingo journey I just wanted to wish you the best of luck with your continued language learning x


    Thank you, I am wishing you the best of luck as well, just keep at it even, on days that you don't want to, just remind yourself where you could go if you keep at it. Good luck.

    • 2327

    Awesome, well done! :D


    Thank you so much!


    Wow! That's amazing! Congratulations on such a long streak!!! Maybe I'll get there one day! Pretty inspiring story if you ask me :) (I thought I had already commented, but its not showing that I have. So if my comment comes up twice, you know why :)) keep up the good work!!!


    Thank you, you definitely will get there if you just keep at it, 4 years seems like a lot but just take it one day at a time for 15 minutes a day, it wont seem like so much if you approach it this way. Good luck.


    Very well done. And I agree with Thomas.Heis about reducing your goal to 1 XP and then strengthening just one question on a skill that needs it. This is easily done by doing one question on the timed practice. I have done this myself when on holiday with a very poor internet connection. When the connection kept dropping before being given the chance to complete a lesson I did manage one question and get it recorded by DL prior to the signal dropping out again.

    Now I just keep my goal at 1 XP to save having to keep changing it.


    Thank you, perhaps ill need to do that, ill look into it for sure.


    Parabéns! Adoro português muito!


    Obrigado! Tambem, E a idioma muito bonito!


    Congrats! I know the feeling of reviewing basics just to keep a streak all too well. But my streak truly does motivate me too. When I lost my old streak of 550 or so I immediately began my current streak, challenging myself to get to a higher streak than my previous one. So far, so good.


    That's so awesome, you can get there i know it! 500 days seems like a lot but i swear these four years passed by so quickly, just take it one day at a time and soon enough you'll be at four years. Good luck and happy learning..


    Thanks. You too. I know the feeling. I just do it every day and then suddenly I'll notice my streak and be blown away cuz I'm already at a 100 days, and be like "how'd that happen?" lol


    Goodness, what a streak! Huge congrats! That is some impressive persistence.


    Thank you so much, and yes persistence is my middle name, i'm mostly just stubborn and don't want to lose my streak haha




    Amazing! Thanks for sharing your story with us and glad to see you as one of us, learners, here.


    Great post, thanks! Congratulations on your four years and your awesome streak! FWIW, the streak keeps me coming back too. Even if mine has been broken a couple of times. :( Even if what I really want to study is not offered yet (so I'm using Memrise, among other things). :( :(


    Congratulations on the four years! Have you considered learning another language on Duolingo? I know I wouldn't be motivated enough to keep up this streak with just the French course (excellent as it may be). Good luck with Portuguese and other languages in the future!


    Thank you so much for sharing this. Of course, your experience will go on to motivate other learners. Paying it forward. Great job.


    That is so cool ! I'm soooooo happy for you. I'm so sorry about your loss. Keep up the GREAT work! Here's a lingot for your hard work


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