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  5. "Beviamo acqua."

"Beviamo acqua."

Translation:We drink water.

March 14, 2013



beviamo acqua or beviamo l'acqua? and why? :)


both are correct, it's the same as "we drink water or we drink the water".


he considered wrong when I answered "Beviamo l'acqua" EDIT: I guess "Biaviamo l'acqua" would mean "we drink THE water", while he asked for "we drink water", isn't it?


Yup you figured it out right


In English, I would only say "We drink the water" if there was some specific water source in question. (e.g. "There is a glass of water on the table. What do you do?")

Is that the same in Italian?


but duo accepts both the water and water for l'acqua. Also, the water sounds weird to me.


I love "beviamo" not for what it means, but it just sounds good! lol


I guess it just sounds very "Italiano"


Like "Andiamo", right ?


Can this also mean, "Let's drink water!"

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I believe you can.


It accepts it. Duolingo also accepted "Drink the water" (imperative in english) for "Bevete l'acqua"


Why can't I say "we all drink water" instead of "We drink water"? is there a difference?

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"We all" and "We" are not the same.

For example, you and your buddy are in a group of ten people. Only you and your buddy are drinking water; everyone else is drinking beer. The waiter comes to your table and says, "More beer?" You would reply, "We're drinking water," (indicating you and your buddy). You would not say, "We are all drinking water," because the other eight people are not drinking water.


I think that would be "beviamo l'acqua tutti noi" or similar - there is a difference just as there is in English -emphasising the "all".


I have same question


What I am finding is that listening to the fine points is very important. She does not say " l'acqua" only "acqua". Important difference.


Well, there really isn't much of a difference there except for the fact that l'acqua means "the water" and aqua means "water", again, they are both correct, they just have slightly different meanings. :)


Where is the "we" here ? Why is my answer of drink water wrong?


In Italian is not necessary to write the subject pronouns because the verb has a particular form with each one (that fact does not happen in English). For example the verb ''parlare'' (to speak). Its conjugation in the present simple tense is as follows: Io parlo (I speak), Tu parli (you speak), Lui / Lei parla (he / she speaks), Noi parliamo (we speak), Voi parlate (you all speak), Loro parlano (they speak). As you can see if I write ''Parlo con la mia mamma'' (I speak with my mom), it involves the Italian subject pronoun ''io'' but I can omit it because the form ''parlo'' is just for that person. I am a native Spanish speaker and my language follows the same rule.


That is a great explanation and makes a lot of sense. Im wondering why, though, sometimes it asks for a pronoun and sometimes it doesnt.


Wow... Excellent explanation. That time also apply to Spanish, I guess it's because Italian and Spanish share the same origen... Latin


And so does French and Portuguese i can understand some because Italian French and Portuguese are sort of like spanish so yeaaah hope it also gave u a tip if u are planning on learning Spanish :-)


How would you say, let's drink water


"Let's drink" is also "beviamo".

[deactivated user]

    I answered "We buy water" and it wasn't correct, although it says drink / buy in the description of the meaning when you tap on the word.


    You can't rely on the hints - they are often wrong and can't account for all contexts anyway. You can report this - beviamo never means "we buy" (unless it is part of some obscure idiom I don't know about).


    This or with "Noi" before "beviamo"?


    I typed in accidentally 'beviamo acquaa" and it did not count as a typo why?


    Why isn‘t it “Noi beviamo acqua“? Why did they leave out “we“ at the beginning?


    because that's what the different verb terminations are for. So the "-iamo" implies that the verb is being used for the first person at plural aka "noi"


    By saying "beviamo acqua," the assumption is "noi"...why not "they," as in "loro beviamo acqua?" This is what I thought the answer was.


    They conjugates to ono as in Bevono acqua... not iamo.


    Would be good if the english sentences are given more often and the user has to spell the words letter by letter .


    Is there a way to remember that "beviamo" is for "we drink"? I always mix up the pronouns with these words.


    I got it right and it said ibgot it wrong it then showed the answer and it said exactly what i put.


    Me too. How did you get past that point or didn't you?


    I typed "We drink water" but it repatedly tells me I got it wrong, it should be "We drink water". ???????


    Don't all Italian nouns require an article


    don't all nouns require an article


    that's water I wrote and it was incorrect ????

    [deactivated user]

      the answer given was 'let us drink water' how come???


      Thats what i said y just spelled it wrong


      Verbs with "noi" like beviamo sounds typically italian


      There seems to be a problem with the audios, the last part of the sentence is not always clear


      I had reached Abs. Ob1 at level 4. Something happened and I lost all the work that I had done. Now I have to start back at basic level 1 again. Please explain why this happened. Kieran.


      "Acqua" is not clear in this sentence


      Why would it be "beviamo acqua" instead of "noi beviamo acqua"? Or is it considered the same thing in either case and used the same way?


      how would you say "drinking water"


      Do you mean drinking as an adjective (ie "water for drinking"?) - if so, I think it might be "l'acqua da bere" or something like that. If you mean the gerund (eg "we are drinking water"), this can be the same phrase in Italian "Beviamo l'acqua". However, for an action CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS, the Italians would use the present continuous: "Stiamo bevendo l'acqua" = "we are drinking water" (at this moment).


      How do you say 'I drink water'? Wasnt it also 'beviamo'?


      Nope. I drink water is, "Io bevo acqua" or "bevo acqua."


      I said : we all drink water ....


      its so hard but getting though thourgh


      (;ŏ﹏ŏ)ヾ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)ノ♪


      Had a question on the pronunciation of this--not sure if this will transcribe well, but I'll try.

      The speaker seems to be saying "Behv'-ee-ah-mo", not Behv-ee-ah'-mo" [again, sorry for the poor representation; I'm far too lazy to find the alt-codes for the proper IPA symbols (even if I trusted I would get them right)].

      Basically, the stress seems to be on the first syllable (for the man's voice; the woman's voice seems to be the latter).

      [Note: I can't seem to get the same pronunciation I had the first time, but I'll try to see if it pops up again]


      "Let's drink water." is also a correct answer, isn't it?

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