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  5. "Is that goat young?"

"Is that goat young?"

Translation:Je ta koza mladá?

October 22, 2017



Could we also say "Je mladá ta koza"? Please tell me, thx.


You can, although Je ta koza mladá? is way more natural.

There's a slight difference in meaning as well - you usually put the word(s) you want to stress at the end. (Je mladá TA KOZA? vs Je ta koza MLADÁ?)


And what about "Ta koza je mladá?" ?


If that's not accepted directly, you could try reporting it. But it might be rejected as not-quite-standard Czech.

In English, for example, "Is that goat young?" is the standard way of asking the question, although there could be a situation in which "That goat is young?" might be used instead. (Say, you're looking at a goat that appears to be 100 years old, and you're surprised when you learn that it's only 9 years old.)


But it is the Czech which is proposed in statement order, not English.


I'd say it works very similarly in Czech and in English.


Thanks "endless_sleeper"!

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