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  5. How is chosen an Alpha tester?


How is chosen an Alpha tester?

What are the features must gather an user for being chosen as an AT?

Best regards!

October 22, 2017



Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you need the app to be an alpha tester. Some languages are released through the app first, rather than the web (that may or may not have anything to do with alpha testing). Although, I could be wrong.


Mmm. You right. Aside that, I think the person must showed consistency in her/his learning, perhaps? Maybe he/she is learning any language similar to the new one?

Btw, MasterZsword, I really like your posts. I think you are a very smart and kind person.


Aw, thank you! ^ ^

Ironically, I sometimes feel like I'm rude because I often write in a blunt fashion. I try to be as helpful and kind as possible, and I'm glad it is well-received!

Also, you could be right. I don't really know the process of choosing testers, however, I think it would more likely be given to a serious learner who has true interest in the new language course. So, I guess consistency in learning, like you said.


I doubt it. I borrowed my friend's account for this, and she's only learning Spanish and the reverse course and she hardly ever goes on, but I was accepted.


¡Hola Woof! Gusto en saludarte...

Then, it was your enthusiasm, perhaps?

Do you have the app?


Well... There wasn't really anything to prove that it was me and not my friend applying, and all the form asked for was for my email and which device I have.

Yep. I have the app.


What language did you test? Or are you testing it right now?


I am currently testing Chinese. Definitely one of the best.


Previous contact with Chinese, Woof?


Some alpha testing in the past was web only. It depends what they want tested. Here, there is new-ish software involved, so platform is important. Usually they just want to know if the course content has problems.


you just have to apply which you can do via the discussipns they release asking for alphas testors


Hi Quinnn!

Ah! But "many will be called but few will be chosen". Maybe sort of filters are used?

Have you been an AT?


I'm an alpha tester for the chinese course!

I don't know if there are any special requirements, they just have you feel out a google doc with like, your name, your email, etc, and then they send it out to those people


And some previous contact with the language is required, or not?


Nope. No knowledge required.

[deactivated user]

    Nope. I was a tester for both Chinese and Korean with no previous experience.


    I don't think they asked about previous experience with the language when they were seeking alpha testers for Chinese


    They probably want a mix of people - from complete beginner to native speaker.

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