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  5. "Are they little birds?"

"Are they little birds?"

Translation:Jsou to malí ptáci?

October 22, 2017



Is there a reason that "To jsou malí ptací?" wouldn't work? It wasn't accepted.


I will add it.


"Jsou ti malí ptáci?" was rejected.

Am I correct in thinking that ptaci (with the correct accents) is masculine animate nominative plural and that "ti" is the demonstrative adjective used with masculine animate nominative plural?


No that is not possible. This is the "to je"/"je to" construction where you have "to je" followed by something. And that something can be of any gender. And if you also change the verb acording to the person and number, that something can be really anything.

To jsem já.
To jsi ty.
To je velký pták.
To jsou velcí ptáci.

It is always to.

Grammatically, this is a noun predicate noun. Czech always uses "to" here for the subject.

You use "ti" agreing with the noun "ptáci" as an attribute: ti ptáci, ti velcí ptáci.

You can use the attribute even in the predicate:

To jsou ti ptáci. (Those are those birds.)


To jsou ti velcí ptáci. (Those are those big birds.)


Thanks for the great answer.

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