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  5. "차가 차갑습니다."

"차가 차갑습니다."

Translation:The tea is cold.

October 22, 2017


  • 차갑다: used with objects that are cold to the touch and to describe another’s personality
  • 춥다: used to talk about the environment or air temperature being cold

For those confused about : it’s all about context. Take the first two lines of 그대라는 날개 sung by 김태우, and see if you can guess which is being used:

누군가는 좋은 집이 꿈이라 말하죠. 누군가는 멋진 가 꿈이라 말하죠.

English: “Some people say a good house is their dream. Some people say a great is their dream.”

More on this topic:

If you want to create a situation where it’s ambiguous, seat yourself on the hood of someone’s car while nursing a cup of tea. Then say that the is cold!


omg thank you for this!!!


Same thing as Samui and Tsumetai then?


I don't think so. Samui and tsumetai are words that sound different but have a very similar meaning. Cha in korean can be tea or car, whereas the root Cha from Cha+gab(seubnida) means (to be)cold

(I've been learning Japanese for a few years already but please correct me if I'm wrong, as I'm quite new to Korean)


i was about to ask, thank you!!


the most awful mnemonic to remember how to say "cold" !


Unless it's iced tea


tea -> 차; cold -> 차갑. The -가 particle there is the subject marker.


차 = car as well? When do i differentiate when it is car or tea


context; most people will not ask you to drink the car or drive the tea :)


I'm sure the listener will understand depending on the situation.


Both will work here


Not sure why this got downvoted, seems correct to me. Without context, it could be car or tea.


I wrote "The car is cold" and it was correct


I guess in this case it works for both, because tea can cool down and cars can be cold if they're left in snow, but if you add context like the words 'drive' or 'drink' I'm sure there would have to be a difference


차 =car =tea how can i make difference?


They have different Hanja 車 (car), 茶 (tea) but since Hanja is rarely used now it would depend on the context


what is the difference between the use of 차갑다 and 춥다?


There are two ways of saying cold in Korean : 차갑다 which is used when referring to a cold thing, usually foods and drinks, but might also be anything cold to the touch. ( just like in this case ) 춥다 Which is used when referring to something that makes you feel cold, like a winter day or a freezer.


차다 차갑습니다. 춥다 Weather. 차갑다 Cold to touch & attitude. 저는 동생이 너무 차가워요! 아침에 날시가 추웠어요!


차가 tea 차갑습니다 cold in affirmative ??? whoa almost like 빵 and 방 on writing... I'll get confused and make funny mistakes haha .


Tea is just plain 차, the -가 in the example is the subject marker particle.


My favorite phrase in Korean before i stared duolingo was noreul chupda


Is it right to say "The tea is cold to the touch? "

[deactivated user]

    the car is cold should also be correct


    Like how they wait 'til this lesson to finally admit that "차" also means "car." This has been plaguing the back of my mind for an interminable amount of time.



    The car is clean but why 잘


    when I first read this my half-asleep mind went "... the tea is tea?" before I checked what it meant lol.


    I looks like korean


    Here when i translate the cold in Google translate it's different but why but if i translate the sentence it's the same so what's the difference ?


    What an awkward way to say the tea feels cold.

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