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Doktor vs Arzt

Difference between Doktor and Arzt/Ärztin

Thanks, cluney.

October 22, 2017



I think the difference is the academic title. Not every "Arzt" (medical doctor) has an academic title. ...A normal "Arzt" is not a "Doktor".


Which one is higher?


Could it be the same as in English? A doctor is a very broad academic term, like the other person said it is a title, (highest academic achievement) in a variety of disciplines e.g a doctor of literature, a doctor of philosophy, psychology, engineering (also medicine) whilst an Artzt is very specific, that is a medical doctor. I think all medical doctors also have doctorates so they can use the title Doktor also?


Doctor is not the highest academic title. The professor is higher than the doctor.

Edit: No, not all medical doctors have the academic title "Dr." (doctor).


Hey good question my father is a doctor but lol; a doctor of machines. Hah. He doesn't like 'Doctor' on his airplane tickets cause he doesn't want to be called to an emergency lol.

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