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Medieval Composers on Tinycards! 2.0

Hi!, Some months ago I made a similar post, saying that I created a Tinycard Deck about some of the greatest composers of the Medieval Era, well, now I've made Deck 2.0 this time with more composers from different times, including some that I forgot the last time, and some that I recently found investigating through different sources, mostly Wikipedia, this includes 2 parts, Part 1 is complete, while Part 2 is still under construction, as I want to include more transitional composers, and why not, even make a Renaissance Composers Deck too!

Here's the link for the Part 1: https://tinycards.duolingo.com/decks/3748be91-5ac9-4ebc-b607-a405a95ef225

And Here's the one for Part 2: https://tinycards.duolingo.com/decks/96f90cf7-b28f-4901-8a0f-431a0fd1e787

As I said, Part 2 is still under construction, so If you finish both decks, keep an eye on Part 2, cause I may include many composers.

And, if you just want to discover and enjoy some medieval music, here are some links to Medieval Music:

1.- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m10HOYvW--k

This is a collection of 7 videos thatis still under construction, there are composers from Early and Middle Medieval Era, but there are some composers of the Transitional Era that will be included someday.

2.- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKtaDNEY5yM

This video includes 1 hour of Andalusian Medieval Music, performed by the Akrami Ensemble, Andalusian Music, is the mix of the Early Spanish Music left by the Visigoths in Early Medieval Era, with the Arabs, who brought many instruments still used today, like the guitar, if you guys didn't know, the word: "guitar", comes from andalusian arabic: قيثارة (qitara) and that word comes from greek: κιθάρα (kitara).


October 22, 2017



ありがとうPatrick.Phang !


あなたは歓迎です Woof.!


Weird, now I can see your portuguese flag, but my flags are still the same, something is worng with my account maybe?


Doubt it. Just wait a little.


You just have to wait. Sometimes it takes a little to update.


Oh, that's nice to hear, thanks!


I might have been checking the ones you included and my lil medieval-loving-self has done several backflips in enthusiasm. Adding both decks to favourites now!

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